Le Fils de la lumière Sabry Marouf brand development

Class Introduction: Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Blog instruction: This blog aims to provide the document of the brand development of Sabry Marouf. Written and visual research will be conducted through here, whcih include brief project management plan, rationale for the project, images of mood board themes, exemplars of effective fashion events, ideas, resources (such as materials, equipment or staffing, relevant quotations for outsourcing work and a review of networking activities.

Contribution Guide: All materials that found by group member will need to send to Cheney Xu (Blog Admin), as Cheney Xu will help with organising the text structure, layout and technical issues. Group discussion is essential for us to make the reflection and decision-making processes transparent. Ruby, Ensi, Cecilia and Ari could help to record and summarise what we discussed each group meeting and send blog admin through email or other social media. Group admin will post those on the blog. And the credits will go for those who made the contribution to the blogs as well in the title.

Group meeting agendas and meeting will be made after the first meeting, which will be settled on this Thursday (16.02.2017).

  • Contact Information: Ensi (ensimensah@googlemail.com), Ruby (rubysinclair94@gmail.com), Cheney (cheneyxu1011@gmail.com), Cecilia (yuchencet@gmail.com) and Ari (auriia.i.perez@gmail.com).
Ensi - Promotional Concept

- What collection do you want us to work on? Are new products coming out? What focus?

- What do you want to achieve? (Storytelling, Brand Awareness, building a following, engagement, reaching new target market, etc.)

- Through which channels? (Social Media, Popup Shop, etc.)

- Budget

Ruby - Target Customer

This is our current understanding of the Sabry Marouf Customer

Do you agree? If not what would you describe differently?

Ari - Manage Social Media account

We are going to manage the social media account(s) for 4 weeks.

- What would you like us to achieve within those 4 weeks? (followers, likes, engagement, etc.)

- When would it be convenient for you? (what dates)

- What Channels?

- What access? (Total control, only content, etc.)

Yuchen Xie - Industrial Individuals and fashion networks

- What do you want to achieve next year?

- Whom do you want to contact?

- What kind of media outlets (magazines, online, radio, tv, trade publications, blogs, influencers, geographic location)

- What kind of contacts? (Sales agents, retailers, etc.)

- Contact List: Developing PR, new products, sales and marketing

- What kind of events do you want to be part of?

Cheney Xu - Company Structure

We will assess the current situation (team roles, decision making processes, creative process -> how do they innovate)

Evidence of actual output

- What do you prefer? Lookbook, Photoshoot, Media Package, Image Film, Documentary

Compare output with competitor

- Are there any particular competitors with whom you would like to be compared?



DATE START: End of April - Early May

1) What is the goal? - To increase brand awareness and communicate the Sabry Marouf Story (ENSI)

2) What theme? (Cecilia Xie)

Reborn- the rise of Egyptian culture
Reborn- the rise of Egyptian culture

3) Who can they collaborate with? (ARI) - MARAM PARIS X SABRY MAROUF HANDBAGS

  • Maram Paris is an Egyptian Pret-a-Porter designer.
  • Recently collaborated with Sabry Marouf in the IFS Global Local exhibition.
  • Strong brand brand identity and similar luxury/Modern aesthetic to Sabry Marouf.
  • Can provide looks for photoshoots, videos, and ad campaigns. Nearly 8k following


  • Maram Paris is an Egyptian RTW designer.
  • Recently collaborated with Sabry Marouf in the IFS Global Local exhibition.
  • Strong Egyptian heritage in the identity.
  • Can accentuate the accessories with RTW looks.
  • Has collaborated with jellewery designers before. Nearly 58k following

Live Streaming

  • Spread the news on
  • Social media Show the video
  • Q&A with the designers afterwards

4) What costs would be involved - (Cheney Xu)

  • Rent Equipment + Editing + After Effects + BG music - (£500)
  • 2 Models (Friends' referrals) - (£300)
  • Make-up artist + Hair stylist 1 Day - (£400)
  • Film Script + Director - (£100)
  • Investment could ask from outside sponsor, and this collaboration could share the total bills in different portion. As for the One-Day filming plan, it is better to take BTS photos and uploading into different social media to create the online traffics.

5) ROI? (Cheney Xu)

It might be difficult for Sabry Marouf to calculate the ROI for this collaboration, the intangible assets would be educating the audience the story about the brand. The ambience that created in the film with collaborating with NORINE FARAH and MARAM PARIS could let the branding has the marketing purpose of setting the product in real life. It will let the customers to remember this brand while shopping Egyptian accessories. Since they got the funds from the investors and due to the nature of its high-end product, the branding in the market side is more important for them to keep the momentum rather than focusing on the number side, especially for this online collaboration.

KPI Measurement:

  • Social media repost times
  • The quantity of press and media that report this event
  • YouTube views
  • The number of followers that spillover from other collaborated brands
  • The number of the live streaming viewers
Meeting Recap with Sabry Marouf on March.9th.

- What collection do you want us to work on?

The same collection, launched after the graduate show, will be done in 4 more weeks, 4 bags, different variations, 3 variations in colour. People didn’t get to see it in retail, editorial, the bags evolved. They will be retail ready in early april. Will have around 80 bags.

Will be sold on the website. Want to shoot the bags with 3-d photographs, will shoot in the US. Short videos in motion. Show the functionality of the bag, show how it works.

  • Customisable
  • 4 to 6 weeks, another 2 weeks
  • april/may- samples
  • stop motion
  • want to start taking pre-ordering
  • promotion for people to sign up
  • give people the ability to sign up
  • product launch-

-Whats the new theme/ focus?

  • Same product and theme from the last collection.
  • Can have the bag samples done by the end of the month/end of march early april.
  • Private selling event with the Egyptian embassy in London.

Event budget- ?

  • Bloggers- yes
  • Inspiration –same from the last collection
  • Craftmanship
  • Video of people using the product
  • Yasmine Yeya – influencer
  • Don’t want to use too much bloggers
  • There has to be a meaning
  • Wants to collaborate
  • We can prep a shoot for social media
  • Create a waitlist page
  • Snapchat- craftsmanship that goes behind the bags
Ensi, Ari, Cecilia, Cheney Xu, Ruby all attended the meeting, the result is what described above and will be send the timeline of both side and see will happen next week
SABRY MAROUF Social Media takeover plan have been made on the April.2nd

In the meeting Sabry Marouf requested that we do:

  1. Digital Event
  2. Pre-launch landing page for the website (Mailing list and pre-order)
  3. Instagram takeover that promotes and leads up to the digital event

We were thinking that:

Ensi, & Ceceila- work on the digital event

  • fashion show- just the product and model
  • Studio space- lime grove (Back up plan)
  • Photographer & Videographer/editor
  • Collaboration-Clothing designer
  • Luxury curated ambiance (rooftop) look at rooftop bars add pics
  • Scheduling daytime - sunny day
  • Models
  • Look for video clip of an event like this to show our vision

Ari & Ruby- Instagram plan

  • Tweak the IG plan
  • Sneak peak every week
  • Lead up to the launch
  • Design sketches, production, craftsmanship
  • Content
  • Raise following and likes

Cheney - Website:

  • Pictures that create interest
  • Newsletter signup
  • Detailed wait list
  • Product, detail, price update
  1. Our ideas of the event: Live stream fashion show event with just the product, models, and sabry marouf explaining their vision, and inspiration for the collection on a roof top
  2. Reason: Brand awareness, pre order sales, product launching - By early May they will have 4 bag samples in Different colours and styles
  3. The event can be ready to launch from mid June - July 2017
  4. We and the designers agreed that we won’t need to be at the event, if we cant make it. Yet, we can plan everything for them.

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