Sense is the musical brainchild of three French engineering students. Founded in 2017, the project aspires to go beyond the typical band and instead aims to invoke the essence of a global brand. This ethos permeates in two categories: their name and their world.

The concept behind the name Sense is based on the 5 human senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. Sense’s first album, Esper (Extra-Sensorial Perception), serves as an introduction to this concept, with each song embodying a different sense. Each release represents a specific sense and emulates its unique characteristics.

Sense has a worldwide reach. While the members are from France, the band works with singers and producers from the U.S, Germany, France, Australia, and New-Zealand. Having created their unique world through their listeners and their live shows; their instrumental electronic songs, such as "Last Cigarette", use a universal language and have touched millions of people in Asia, Europe, Oceania and America. The trio aspires to reach an even broader global market than it already does.

Sense’s worldwide reach is further defined by their live shows. The three founders: Matthieu, Paul and Marius each perform live sets in their own home cities, splitting up touring in order to reach a global audience. Each member brings their own style to the live performances, so listeners in each city get a different interpretation of Sense’s global music.

latest release

'2 Minutes Left' is the second of two Earth Day releases, following 'Ukame' feat. OWO. While Sense is the project of three friends and musicians, it is also the project of three engineers who care about the environment, and want to actively be a part of the changes our world is going through, for the better. With 'Ukame' and '2 Minutes Left' released for Earth Day in 2019, Sense wanted to share a message very important to them, gathering speakers from all across the world to share it.




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