The shroud of Turin DEstiny thornton

what was the shroud of Turin? The Shroud of Turin is a fine linen that is a huge controversial object that some people believe was the cloth that covered Jesus in the tomb after being crucified. The shroud was found in various locations before the 14th century.


1)The first pro that i would like to point out is that on the Shroud, there are very detailed facial imprints and body imprints that have been tested with the carbon-14. The shroud was moved in difficult situations and stayed in the same shape as it was found.

here is a picture with some of the details that have been found and argued to be Jesus.

2)"compatible with the soil of Jerusalem" There has been soil found on the shroud that the same dirt and soil from where Jesus was crucified. this means that the shroud was at one time where Jesus was crucified.

3)front and back, head to toe, of an anatomically correct man who appears to have been tortured, beaten, and crucified. Note that, in their accounts of Christ’s suffering and death on the cross, all four Gospels mention a “fine linen cloth.”You can count over 100 whip marks, possibly from scourging by Roman flagra, and identify on his wrists and feet obvious wounds that could have been from large spikes. Other markings are compatible with what could have been a crown of thorns. On closer examination, you can spot bruises on his face, knees , and the back of his shoulders , and a large bloody mark in his side. Like the crucified Jesus in Gospel accounts, the man in the Shroud had no broken bones.

4) There was a flash of light that caused a radiant reaction in which could have saved the blood from "leaving" the shroud and that being the way it was and having the bright red blood marks from all the marks that the Romans made on Jesus

5)n 1532, there was a fire in the church in Chambery, France, where the Shroud was being kept. Part of the metal storage case melted and fell on the cloth, leaving burns, and efforts to extinguish the fire left water stains. Yet the image of the man was hardly touched. In 1534, nuns sewed patches over the fire-damaged areas and attached a full-size support cloth to the back of the Shroud. This became known as the "Holland" backing cloth. The Shroud was moved to Turin in 1578, where it remains to this day. The shroud has been moved to multiple places and extra pieces of linen have been used to help keep them in tact.


1) In John 20 verse 6 this verse says that Simon peter then went into the tomb ans saw the STRIPES of linen along there meaning that the if the shroud was the actual linen that covered Jesus, that it would then it would be in stripes.

2)A secret commission appointed in 1969 to study the shroud examined the “blood” stains, which are suspiciously picture like and still red. Internationally known forensic serologists reported that the red substance failed all microscopical, chemical, biological, and instrumental tests for blood. Instead, there were reddish granules that would not even dissolve in reagents that dissolve blood.

3)The Shroud has moved so many times around the world and for it to be in the condition that it is suppose to be in after it covered the body of Jesus would be phenomenal.

4)“For many theologians and other wise persons declared that this could not be the real Shroud of our Lord, having the Savior’s likeness thus imprinted upon it, since the holy Gospel made no mention of any such imprint; while, if it had been true, it was quite unlikely that the holy evangelist would have omitted to record it, or that the fact should have remained hidden until the present time.” There is no record of the exact name of the Shroud.

5)For a Jewish burial there are 2 clothes used and one separately for the head. so this goes against the traditional Jewish

My opinion//

my opinion is still undecided but i am more to the con side of the big controversy because there are major assumptions on the pro side. Another reason is that the con side has more evidence that are major and big eye openers like the traditional burial for Jewish people and how it lasted for so long.


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