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Bolivia is a country in South America, it is in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. Bolivia is stuck in the middle of its continent which means it is bordered by many other countries such as Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay as seen below

that is Bolivia and it's bordering counties -->

the capital city of Bolivia is La Paz. La Paz is a city with a tall mountain range behind it which make for a great tourist attractant. A few of these mountains are called Huayna Potosi, Illmani, Nevado Chacataya, and Mururata.

the town of La Paz i n front of one of the mountains

physical characteristics

Bolivia is in the tropical spectrum of the earth so it is often very rainy or there is no rain at all and since it is like this all the the time the Bolivians only refer to two seasons "wet season" and "dry season".

Bolivia is in the western part of South America in the tropical zone of this map

As i mentioned before La paz, Bolivia has a mountain range going right through it specifically the Andes mountain range. There are also many rivers and lakes in Bolivia such as Lake Titicaca , Lake Poopó , and Madre de Dios River.


In Bolivia there at least 10.6 million people living there and is the 28th most populated country in the world, yet the population density is only at 23 people per square mile which is moderately low and not at all crowded.

as you can see most of the map is not red (is not crowded)

Bolivia's population growth rate is growing fast yet not rapidly, As well with the fertility rate which is 2.97 births per woman (in 2014)

the top 5 largest cities in Bolivia in order are Santa Cruz, El alto,(la paz), La Paz, Cochabamba , and Suere ,(chuquisaca)

a few Bolivian cities

Bolivia like many other countries was a very rural country that had become very urban over the years, even though Bolivia is progressively becoming more urban more people are leaving each year, I presume everyone leaving Bolivia is probably going to probably going to places like America who have better education there.


Bolivia is a developing country this is because of the rate of the GDP per capita, life expectancy and literacy rate are moderately low compared to countries that are developed such as the United States the GDP per capita is about 53,000 dollars more than Bolivia's (in 2015), which is a lot more than Bolivias GDP and the amount it must surpass to be considered a developed country which is 3,000 U.S. dollars.


In Bolivia there four main languages spoken Spanish, Quechua, Aymara, and Guarai these are only a few of many languages spoken there. In Bolivia there are also only two main religions Roman Catholic, and Protestant, like with languages these are only main religions that are the most popular in Bolivia.

the witches market is a street market held in the heart of La Paz, Bolivia it is a place where you could find rare and unusual items such as potions, remedies and dried llama fetuses.

a woman selling at the witches market


Licancabur is a volcano on the border of Bolivia and Chile near the Andes Mountains. It was an active volcano before it was extinguished. It is also said to be a very religious land with spirits and gods inside of it and watching over it.

Licancabur volcano


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