Liger Made by: JB Terrill

Scientific name

Panthera leo × Panthera tigris


Geneticly made by the mating of a male Lion with a female Tiger which means that they are not found in a natural


On average they eat 20lbs of meat per day, which is typically beef or chicken, but they can eat up to 100lbs in a single sitting.

Physical Description

They can grow as big as 1600 pounds in size.

They are as long as 13 feet in length.

Ligers usually run at 80 kilometers per hour and even a 90 kilometers per hour.

Normally standing on a ground a liger is as tall as four and a half feet.

Breeding info

A liger is a hybrid animal that results from the cross breeding of a lion and a tiger. A liger has a male lion as its father and female tigress as its mother. This cross breeding does not happen in the wild but rather this cross breeding takes place at zoos.

Special behavior

Ligers grow at a rate of 1 kg every second day, thus by the end of their first year, they can weigh up to 165 kg’s.

Interesting info

Being hybrids, ligers are more inclined to have diseases as cancer and usually have a shorter life span.


The End


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