Finding Every Excuse not to go home

Lodging: Hampton Inn, St. John, NB, CA

Joke of the Day:

A young man from the Midwest is accepted at Princeton. His first day on campus, he’s trying to figure out where things are. He spots an upperclassman walking towards him, and says, “Excuse me, can you tell me where the library’s at?”

The upperclassman looks down his aristocratic nose at the Midwestern freshman and says, “At Princeton we don’t end our sentences with prepositions.”

The freshman says, “Ok. Can you tell me where the library’s at, *sshole?”

These are the jokes, folks.

Departing the Maritime Inn in Port Hawkesbury, we noted the McDonald's across the street had LOBSTER ROLLS! Huh?

They ain't got nothin' on Luke's

In this part of the world, I dare someone to show me a drive that doesn’t have a majestic feel to it. Of course, some are more majestic than others, but I’m always a happy passenger in this part of the world.

This particular portion of the trip was more utilitarian than adventure travel. Nonetheless, we stayed largely off highways.

Pit Stop at an Antique Store

Driving along a river gorge, we found a lean-to that was serving lunch. Seriously, this building was a shack, and we still don’t know how it didn’t crumble into the gorge while we were awaiting lunch. Hopefully it’s still standing there when you go by.

The food was good, the service was friendly if on the slow side (one server for the whole room), and the view couldn’t be beat. In reality, it’s probably not that idyllic, but given the circumstances, we were pleased as punch with it. In the middle of nowhere, a little Lobster roll oasis.

We discovered everyone waiting in line for a table was there for the same reason, they’d seen a full parking lot in front of / alongside a backcountry highway.

We passed the Blueberry Capital of the World

Sadly, we arrived in St. John, which represented the end of the trip. We'd be in Portland, ME in no time the next day, and then it was just a waiting game before we flew to our respective homes. I knew this was going to happen. I just knew it.

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