Indus River Valley Where you don't have to focus on your survival for everything.

~ Welcome ~

Welcome to the Indus River Valley

The Indus River starts in the Himalaya Mountians, flows through Pakistan and empties into the Arabian Sea.

You know what's crazy, this river is much like the Nile because it is such a great fresh water source!

Description of physical features

It is a beautiful river with amazing farmland. It has mountians all around it and silt in the water that makes the soil super rich for farming.

~ 5 reasons why you should move here ~

1. The Indus River has great transportation. This is because of the amazing water source. We can transport goods in boats to other communities. We could also trade with our neighbors for things we need.

2. Because of all the Mountains around the River that carry silt, the silt goes into the river and to the plains. The silt is good because it makes the soil rich and good for farming.

3. This River is a FRESH water sorce. This is very helpful because then we don't have to waste our time trying to survive and more time having fun.

4. We can build a sewer system here for all the gross sewer to go into. This will help a lot. Would you rather have your sewage in your house just laying there or to have a running sewer system? I would want a running sewer system so there is not just garbage sitting in my house.

5. We can also make games to play with here. We could use clay to make the games. That means that we would not just have to focus on survival, we could also focus on having fun.

If you aren't already, pack your bags and let's get a move on to go to the Indus River Valley.


By: Brielle Staines


Created with images by stevehicks - "Canyon in Ladakh" • Praveen Selvam - "Indus river" • wildxplorer - "Postcard from Ladakh" • Hornik Photography - "Indus River" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Flooding in Pakistan Sept 7th, 2010" • mckaysavage - "India - Ladakh - Trekking - 113 - final river valley towards Tso Moriri"

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