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  • Sam Lloyd - Current News - The Corona-virus Outbreak-China
  • Aron Calvert - The Scrum - Tyson Fury: The Resurrection
  • Fionn McKeogh - Review Room - Profile of Artist Kid Cudi
  • Jacub Sczcerbaty - In Focus - Rise and fall Of Youtuber ComedyShortsGamer
  • Cian Begley - The Scrum - The History of Sheffield Wednesday
  • Jamie O'Connell - The Scrum - Rhonex Kipruto – 10K World Record
  • Shane O'Brien - Review Room -A Review of Game of the Year 2018: God of War
  • George McInerney - Review Room - Pulp Fiction Review
  • James Hassett - Around the School - Speech on Animal Testing

The Corona-virus Outbreak-China

By Sam Lloyd

Current News

Sam writes a piece giving crucial details on the Corona-virus

The Corona-viruses are a group of viruses that can cause a range of symptoms some are mild while other symptoms can become more severe. These viruses are usually spread by contact with an infected person this can cause great problems in congested areas such as China. A newly identified repertory virus which comes from the coronaviruses group which goes officially name of the novel corona virus.Was discovered in Wuhan china where the virus has had an outbreak.

The symptoms of the new virus are said to cause fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties in mild cases.in severe cases pneumonia, severe acute repertory syndrome, kidney failure and even death.

The outbreak of the Novel Corona virus in a city in china called Wuhan with a population of 11.08 million. Caused panic as it was put into lock down in an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading further as the virus is believed to have originated there. The authorities responded by cutting off all the main sources of public transportation leading in and out of Wuhan. It is said that an increasing number of people have died or are dying as a result of the virus.

To give you an idea on the level of public panic in Wuhan supermarkets shelves were emptied as residents stocked up on supplies to isolate themselves within their home. Local pharmaceutical companies sold out on face masks. Petrol stations were overwhelmed with the amount of people seeking petrol and diesel. Families have cancelled any celebrations they have for Chinese New Year to prevent spreading the virus to other family members or themselves.

“It's truly an extraordinary development.You have a city of 10 odd million people being completely shut down” said Dali Yang a professor of political science on china at the university of Chicago

On that Thursday some residents raced to leave Wuhan before the quarantine came into place. Anxiety in Wuhan began raising as hospitals were not prepared for the overload of sick patients requiring medical attention. It is even said that some sick patients have been turned away from the hospital due to lack of space. Civilians have become scared of one another in a sense as it can be difficult to tell whether someone is infected with the virus or not. The government have stated that they are quarantining the area and they have the virus under control however many civilians are skeptical on the information provided to them by their government. This dis-trustfulness comes from when there previously a Corona Virus outbreak in 2003 called the SARS Corona Virus which killed 774 people. Civilians worry there will be a repeat of what occurred in 2003 or that situations will even be worse this time around.

One of the biggest problems with the novel coronavirus which is the name it has been given by scientists is that there is no current direct cure for the virus or a vaccine to prevent you from getting it. However, it can be killed with sterilizing equipment and is only spread by contact with an infected person. However, it is estimated that each infected person infects 2 more people by sneezing on objects or items which other non-infected people place their hands on and then later touch their face. So, as a result as many people as possible are recommended highly to wear gloves and disposable face masks when interacting with someone with the disease.They are also asked to sterilize any clothing which may have come in contact with a sick person.

Another big problem which has come into view is that since the virus is hard to detect and a banquet of 40000 people was held for Chinese new year. it is likely that people carrying the virus have made it into other countries and we are seeing examples of this as the virus branches out into other countries. Rising anxiety occurs as statistically one person will infect two people which causes concern.There is also no known vaccine to stop anyone from getting it.

However its important that we don’t under estimate the power of science in dealing with big problems such as the one presented with the corona virus now.WHO (World Health Organisation) is accelerating research on the cure and vaccines. Also due to the fact that the Corona-Virus can survive a long time outside the body, which is bad in terms of how it spreads, but it also means studying it in a lab is much easier.So its important to note that there are a lot of people working very hard on finding a cure/vaccine.

Tyson Fury: The Resurrection

By Aron Calvert

The Scrum

Aron Calvert weighs in on the career of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury

Lights out, Tyson Fury is on the receiving end of a vicious one two by perhaps the most vicious power puncher in history, Deontay Wilder. It's the 12th round and the Gypsy King finds himself staring up at the lights, the Ref begins his ten count. Its late 2018 a full 3 years since his last big title fight.

Three years previous and Tyson Fury was once again an underdog, the charismatic giant was due for a fight against the great Ukrainian champion Vladimir Klitschko, the world didn’t give him a chance. Klitschko was undefeated in 10 years and he viewed this is not much more than a routine title defence in his historic run as World Champion. Tyson shocked the world by out boxing the greatest boxer of the last 20 years for 12 rounds. Fury was on top of the world and was quickly viewed as the next great champion. The world viewed him as a potential great, the expectations were massive, he wouldn’t live up to them, at least not yet.

Following winning the title the first time Fury fell down a hole, the great championed ballooned in weight, binged on fast food, alcohol and cocaine. His titles were stripped due to not being able to compete and he fell deep into a depression. Tyson Fury only a few months previous had what he had always dreamed of, the world championship but upon gaining it he realized it did nothing to help his mental state. This brought about his collapse. Towards the end of 2017 a now 400-pound Tyson Fury attempts suicide. This gives him a revelation and sets him on a course to return to boxing. He’s set to make one of the greatest boxing returns of all time.

Around the same time Deontay Wilder had secured his position as World Heavyweight champion picking up a dominant run of title defenses by quickly knocking out various opponents, most notably Luis Ortiz who succumbed to a tenth-round knockout. Deontay was unstoppable and with the confidence stemming from this chose to fight the returning Tyson Fury. An easy fight against an overweight man who was out of action for 3 years or so he believed.

It’s the 12th round of Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder and Fury is flat on his back. He has out boxed Deontay for the entire night but finally succumbed to Deontay Wilders right hand. The ref begins his ten count and Tyson Fury rises from a shot that no man has ever gotten up from. Tyson wins the rest of the round and it ends with a controversial decision by the American judges. The contest is ruled a draw much to everyone's chagrin.

A year later and in early 2020 Tyson fury finally proves to the world why he is the Gypsy King. The rematch is much anticipated and Tyson Fury comes in heavy, rumors circulate of Tyson fury once again struggling with his mental health. However, come the time the bell rings Tyson fury proves to be a new monster and the greatest fighter on the planet. Fury comes out with a new fighting style aggressively shutting down Wilder and giving him no opportunities to hit his power shots. The gypsy king had well and truly returned and proved anyone who ever doubted him wrong. Deontay wilder had looked pathetic for the entirety of the fight up until he was knocked out in the 7th

Following this fight the world turns and focuses on a new clash. A clash between world champions. Tyson Fury changes his focus to AJ Anthony Joshua for the fight the world wants. The unification bout between two great British champions. The world waits in anticipation.

Profile of Artist Kid Cudi

By Fionn McKeogh

Review room

Fionn writes a piece reflecting on Kid Cudis' career

Kid Cudi is an American rapper, songwriter and actor born as Scott Mescudi on the 30th January 1984 in Cleveland, Ohio. Cudi is the youngest of 4 children with two brothers and one sister. He was brought up by his mother after his father tragically passed away when Scott was only 11 years old. He studied film but dropped out of college after a year and became interested in pursuing a career in music. At the age of 20 he moved to New York to pursue this dream and lived with his uncle. In 2006 his uncle kicked him out with Cudi having nowhere to go. He signed to Kanye West’s label GOOD Music in 2008 which would be the proper start to his musical career. In February 2008 Cudi dropped Day N’ Nite, a standout single that would boost his career into mainstream spotlight.

Man On The Moon: The End Of Day

Kid Cudi released his debut album Man On The Moon on the 15th of September. This is a concept album divided into 5 segments. Each segment has its own mood and vibe. This project blew Kid Cudi into a mainstream success and has multiple standout tracks. ‘Soundtrack to my life’ reveals his struggle throughout his childhood and his family situation. This is delivered in a positive upbeat manner but the lyrics aren’t as positive or upbeat. This is one of Cudi’s specialties, hiding the darkness deep within the song while maintaining a positive outlook. Solo Dolo is one of Cudi’s two alter-egos and owns its own song on MOTM. This is a hit song off the album and later shares a part 2 featuring Kendrick Lamar in 2013. Day N’ Nite has accumulated over 260,000,000 streams on Spotify to date and remains one of Cudi’s most iconic hits. Shortly after this track is ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. A song that would feature indie band MGMT and Ratatat, with Drake starring in the visuals for this track. A story of finding happiness and not to be fooled by false goods is told over this well produced track by MGMT.

Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager

Cudi returned a year later to drop yet another critically acclaimed album. This is a part two in the Man On The Moon series. This album was also split into 5 sections like its predecessor. There are multiple standout tracks and singles off this project that would still be named in some of Cudi’s best songs in his career. ‘Mojo so Dope’ would be considered of his most iconic songs as it is amazing for all 3 and a half minutes it runs for. The first single released before this project was ‘Erase Me’, a rock styled song featuring mentor Kanye West. This was a song about a woman with whom Cudi has a relationship with, but now she wants to erase him from her memory. Next up is Mr. Rager, arguably Cudi’s best song and most enjoyed by his fan base. Scott releases his emotion on this amazing track using tones for both alter egos as he raps about his struggle with addiction. The old Cudi is talking to the new Cudi in a light tone as he asks questions about his past and future and the new Cudi’s alter ego replies in a deeper tone. ‘Trapped in my Mind’ is the perfect ending to this modern day masterpiece as we get an insight to his state of mind. Here he realizes that he’s not the only one who struggles to cope with his own thoughts and that he is truly not crazy. Cudi has continued to release music but nothing has lived up the standard of the MOTM series. He dropped a collab project with Kanye in 2018 called Kids See Ghosts and it was as well received as the MOTM series. Fans have loved Kid Cudi’s humming vocals in recent projects as fans find them relaxing and soothing. In late 2020 Cudi is dropping another project called ‘Entergalactic’ and it will be paired alongside his new Netflix series released at the same time under the same name. Each episode will have something to do with the lyrical content of the song that will share the same name as the episode. This shows the genius mind of the man Scott Mescudi aka The Man on the Moon.

Rise and fall Of Youtuber ComedyShortsGamer

By Jacub Sczcerbaty

In Focus

Jacub gives his in depth take on popular Youtube megastar Deji

Fame is a dangerous thing. Especially when its directly connected to brotherly competition and big egos. When two brothers who constantly try to outdo each other, both have the same career, that career in this case being an online influencer, things can get out of hand. Enter Deji also known on the internet as ComedyShortsGamer. Deji started YouTube after his more well-known brother JJ, known as KSI, started gaining a lot of followers. Before, Deji would be featured in a lot of KSI’s videos where the two of them would play games together, specifically horror games, and do all sorts of challenges from tasing each other to hitting each other with a belt if one of them scored a goal in FIFA.KSI’s audience loved Deji and treated him sort of as KSI’s sidekick. The Robin to his Batman, so to speak. However, after seeing his brother's success Deji wanted to prove himself and start something of his own. In 2012 he started his own channel called “ComedyShortsGamer” and uploaded his first video “Short: Winning the game”.

Shortly after starting YouTube Deji gained a following and after just a year of uploading he gained 1 million subscribers on the 18th of November 2013.That’s very impressive growth for a channel, especially considering it was 2013. Many claim this was because his brother KSI already had a big following and his subscribers automatically subscribed to Deji. While this is partly true, KSI rarely gave shout outs to Deji. While Deji’s content wasn’t, and still isn't, anything particularly special or different he clearly found a formula that works. Challenge videos, where subscribers would get to see him in pain, prank videos where he would try, and fail miserably, to prank his dad and reaction videos of Deji, and sometimes his parents, reacting to videos on the internet, are his bread and butter. While it is a simple formula that one might argue doesn’t require a lot of effort, it's an effective one. Deji figured out how to play the system creating clickbait titles and thumbnails that would entice any viewer scrolling through YouTube’s homepage. Often, he’d create a title that was vague and intriguing such as “What this girl eats will shock you” and “I got rushed to the hospital”.

By August 2015 Deji hit 5 million subscribers, growing exponentially in views and subscribers. Along with his fame, came a steadily increasing amount of income. He invested some of that money into properties, like his parents, but like any young person who becomes rich quickly he did spend a lot of it. Some of the things he bought include:

• 2014 Audi TT S-Line

• 2016 Range Rover Autobiography

• 2016 Lamborghini Huracan

• 2017 Lamborghini Aventador S

• A mansion in Peterborough where he lives with his parents

He also started his own clothing brand Tank, which has t shirts, hoodies, beanies, snap backs and more. His YouTube earnings, partnerships, Tank clothing and real estate earnings put him at an estimated net worth of $10 million

Apart from YouTube Deji has also gotten into music, releasing multiple diss tracks against other youtubers such as the Sidemen, Randolph and weirdly enough Danielle Bregoli from Dr Phil. He also dipped his toe into the world of Amateur boxing back in the 25th of August 2018 when he fought American Youtuber Jake Paul and lost.

All was going well for Deji, however in late 2018 his exponential growth, along with the quality of his content was going downhill. Some suggest this is due to burnout or perhaps lack of motivation after his loss against Jake Paul. Whatever it was Deji’s content was decreasing in quality and his growth slowed to a crawl. Luckily for him a Youtuber named Randolph, who is a friend of his brother KSI, publicly called Deji out and made a diss track about him. Deji jumped on the opportunity of drama and posted his own diss track where some argue he went too far going after Randolph's wife and showing his brothers bank details. This made KSI angry and he remained neutral in the drama. Deji, feeling betrayed, made a video on the 5th of December 2018 called “my brother KSI” where he called out his brother publicly for not being on his side, being full of himself and never having Deji’s back.

This started a long beef where both brothers made multiple videos. Deji was on the offensive making not only videos but diss tracks on his brother. He also went on Logan Paul's podcast impulsive and talked about his brother, which was especially low considering Logan Paul was KSI’s rival in their previous and upcoming fight. KSI stayed mostly on the defensive claiming that he always supported Deji and that he feels hurt by Deji’s actions. There was an episode where KSI got into a fight with his parents on Christmas day and Deji had to lock himself in his room as KSI tried to knock it down. All this culminated on the 25th of May 2019 when Deji uploaded a 45-minute video simply called “bye”. The video includes him talking about the suffering with the psychical abuse and the suicidal thoughts, as the result of the latest drama.

On the 3rd of June KSI responded to Deji with a video titled "Ending it all". KSI debunked all of Deji's claims towards him and showed Deji's manipulation and hypocrisy, he did also apologize to Deji about violent videos and sleeping with the girl Deji had a crush on. The video caused Deji to lose subscribers and KSI started to regain his subscriber loss. The next day Deji uploaded a video titled "moving on", where Deji stated that the beef was "over" and that he would keep things private with his brother.

Since then Deji has been slowly recovering from the drama between him and his brother. His content has been slowly improving and his subscribers steadily coming back. He’s estimated to reach 10 million subscribers on the 3rd of May 2020. Deji, or ComedyShortsGamer, is a cautionary tale on how reaching a certain amount of success at a very young age can affect you mentally and how you need to be prepared for that kind of thing. Deji kept growing and growing and when that growth stopped, he craved more. So, he did desperate things and ended up fracturing his relationship with his brother, possibly forever. It shows that when it comes to fame and success, no matter what you can't let you Ego get the best of you. You need to remain humble and, while always reaching for more, be content with what you have.

The History of Sheffield Wednesday

By Cian Begley

The Scrum

Cian provides a detailed look into the illustrious history of Sheffield Wednesday

The owls were founded in 1867 making it one of the first football clubs in history, however, its year of establishment isn't truly known as it isn't fully agreed on, but some suggest 1857 which would make the club half a decade older than Notts County. Sheffield Wednesday however wasn't always a football club; it was originally a cricket club founded in 1820 called Wednesday Cricket Club. The oldest recorded football match was between the Owls and Hallam FC in which Sheffield won 2-0. They then went on to play London twice. At the time, no specific rules were set, and they were a lot different in the north and south of England. In the first game London took the win but in the second it was played under Sheffield rules and they took it back. In 1867 they separated from the Sheffield club and therefore that is the true year of establishment. From then it was originally called ‘The Wednesday’ until a change of name in 1929.


Sheffield Wednesdays home stadium is Hillsborough which was host to a tragic disaster known as the Hillsborough disaster. On the 15th of April 1989, the FA Cup final was being held between Liverpool FC and Nottingham Forest. A gate at the back of the stadium was found and fans without tickets broke threw it to get in to watch the game. The stands became overcrowded too quickly and people started to get trampled on and in the end were crushed.

Through the Years

In total throughout its existence Sheffield Wednesday has won 17 titles across all English competitions.

Those being 4 premier leagues, 5 championships, 1 football alliance, 3 FA cups, 1 Football League cup, 1 FA community shield, and 1 Sheriff of London Charity shield. The Owls have proved to be a successful club in the past but in recent years the championship the title has been just out of their grasp. In 1989 Ron Atkinson became the manager of Sheffield Wednesday where their premier league and European success would really take off. However, in his first season managing the owls he only managed to finish 18th in the first division and the highlight of the season being their win over Manchester United in the League cup final. In the 1991-92 season they managed to finish 3rd in the Premier League which sealed them a position in the UEFA Cup the following year. However, the next season proved to be the most eventful in the history of the club. The Owls managed to reach both the FA cup final and the league cup final, losing out to Arsenal in both. They finished 7th in the Premier League meaning they wouldn’t make another European appearance, but despite the disappointment of the season they established themselves as one of the top clubs in the country with David Hirst and Mark Bright being one of the most feared strike partnerships at the time.

Paolo DiCanio

After another few years the new manager at Sheffield Wednesday thought it was time for a change and put a lot of money towards the next squad to hopefully bring silverware to the club. This squad included a talented forward named Paolo DiCanio. He was signed to the club for around £4.2 million. He was the clubs leading goal scorer in 1998 with 14 goals and soon became a fan favorite. He had such a promising career ahead of him at Sheffield, but it soon came crashing down when he decided to push a referee to the ground, giving him an 11 week ban and a £10,000 fine. This wasn’t the only controversy involving him but the only big one at Sheffield. He left the club the next season to play for West Ham United, but he is always remembered for the referee incident.

Rhonex Kipruto – 10K World Record

By Jamie O'Connell

The Scrum

Jamie gives us the story on how Kipruto broke the 10k record

On Saturday the 12th of January 2020 a Nigerian 20-year-old by the name of Rhonex Kipruto Broke the 10Km road running record. Kipruto ran 10Km in 26 minutes and 24 seconds. This race took place in Valencia, Spain. The 10Km record was broken only six weeks prior to Kipruto’s record by Joshua Cheptegei. Cheptegei ran 10Km in Valencia also in 26 minutes 38 and 38 seconds. Kipruto beat Cheptegei by 14 seconds. In addition of being the fastest 10Km road runner he is now also the 3rd fastest athlete of all time only being beaten by two runners (Kenenisa Bekele and Haile Gebrselassie) on the track.

The Race:

Pacers started ahead of the runners to give the runners a mark on how fast to run. Kipruto Dominated the first 4Km and led at the top of the group. Kipruto breezed through the first 5Km of the race in 13 minutes and 18 seconds setting the 5Km record! He continued to speed up for the next 5Km. He ran the 2nd half of the race at an unbelievable time of 13 minutes and 6 seconds. Although he ran the second half of the race 12 seconds faster than the first half the World Athletics said that it was not eligible for a world record. With no one in sight of Kipruto he sprinted the last 500 meters and crossed the line at 26:24. Kenyan Benard Kimeli finished second in 27:12, and Swiss athlete Julien Wanders closed for third in 27:13. When Kipruto finished he stated, “I'm over the moon” and “I set myself the target of breaking the world 10K record and today my dream came true”.

Kiprutos average pace throughout the race was approximately 2.38 minutes per kilometer/ 4:14 minutes per mile. This is the equivalent of running 22.8 kph or 14.2mph.

This is a staggering pace that very little athletes can run at for long distances and is extremely hard to run this fast for so long. Many people can only just about reach this speed if they’re sprinting.

To put this into perspective the average male runs a 10km race at 6.9 mph or 11 kph. This is nearly half the speed of Kipruto. The average speed of a female running a 10km race is 6 mph or 9.6 kph.

Training Camp:

Kipruto trains in St Patricks school in Iten in Kenya. His brother Colm coaches him. The training camp is located 2400 meters above sea level. Running at a high altitude strengthens your lungs. This means when the runners run at sea level it is much easier to run faster and longer. The school was founded by Brother Colm O’Connell from Ireland came to Iten in 1976 to teach geography but stayed and th4e school now produces the best middle and long-distance runners in the world. Many other famous runners such as Mathew Birir, Michael Bolt and King Lanel Chumbade.

A Review of Game of the Year 2018: God of War

By Shane O'Brien

Review Room

In the following piece Shane gives his thoughts on one of the finest games of this generation

God of War is a fictional character game, that is based off Norse mythology. Norse mythology is based from the civilization of the North Germanic people, which lived in Scandanavia. This game is the eighth installment of the God of War series and is the sequel to God of War III. This is the first game of the series to be based Norse mythology as all the previous games have been based on Greek mythology. This God of War game takes place in ancient Norway in the realm of Midgard. This game was created to be a reboot of the previous games with improved gameplay and a return of previous characters.


The two protagonists of the game are Father and Son. The Fathers name is Kratos and the son’s name is Atreus. Kratos is the God of War and his son is yet to seek his abilities as he is Half God and half Giant. Atreus receives his giant genes from his Mother Faye. Faye was a Giant of Jötunheim, but lived as a mortal to hide her true identities from her Family for unknown reasons. As they proceed to venture the unknown, they meet acquaintances along the way. Characters they meet along the way provide the father and son with equipment that help them achieve their final intention. In the play through they meet characters called Mimir, Freya, Baldur, Brok and Sindri. Brok and Sindri are two dwarf brothers that have the profession of being blacksmiths. They help Kratos and Atreus by upgrading Kratos' axe and Atreus' bow and arrow. Also providing them with enchantments to upgrade their Vitality, strength, defense, etc. Freya is a witch that cures Atreus sickness that halted him in their Journey to the highest peak in Jotunheim. Mimir is the smartest Man alive in all of the nine realms. He provides Kratos with guidance between realms to gather each element they needed to complete the journey with success.

Storyline: Part 1

The journey begins at the house of Kratos and Atreus where they begin to cremate their dead mother (Faye) who recently passed away. They cremate the body and place the ashes into a vellum case, which will travel with them to the highest peak of Jotunheim. They originally planned to go to the highest peak in Midgard until they found that the highest peak in all nine realms, was in Jotunheim. As they are about to depart ‘The Stranger’ comes and challenges Kratos to a duel. In which Kratos comes out on top, but ‘The Stranger’ migrates the scene but is unharmed due to his immortality. The father and son proceed to continue their journey. They start to travel through the river pass until they reach the lake of nines. The lake of nines is an area in the map where you access all the realms. Nine towers surround the temple in the middle. Once in the middle, a portal is unlocked, where you can enter it and proceed to all the realms that you’ve unlocked. They proceed to ‘The Mountain’ where they travel to as it is the highest point in Midgard. Along the way they encounter Magni and Modi who are the sons of Thor. Kratos and Atreus defeat them as they halted them in their Journey. When they reach the highest point in Midgard they find Mimir (who is the smartest Man alive). He had a spell put on him where he was bound to spend the rest of his life vined to a tree. Odin casted this spell upon him. Odin was the highest (father) of all Norse Gods. He controlled most of the realms including Asgard with his son named 'The Stranger'. Who's name is found out to be Baldur. Kratos Decapitates Mimir and rescues him, but they have to return to Freya ASAP before he dies.

Storyline: Part 2

They reach Freya in the nick of time and Freya casts a spell on Mimir to allow him to survive but unfortunately only as a head. Mimir provides them with the Intel they need to access Jötunheim. They need to break an entering into Tyr's Temple where they go to collect the Unity Stone which will allow them to access the realm of Jotunheim. Another key factor they need is Mimir's other eye which is needed to activate the Unity Stone. The eye is placed in the Serpent of Lake Nine’s stomach. They enter the stomach of the Serpent of Lake of Nine. They find the eye and are halted by the visitation of Baldur. Where this is the final boss fight of the game. At this point we find out the Odin and Freya were married, and that Baldur is the son of the two parents. Baldur attempts to kill Freya as she put a spell on which granted him immunity and was unable to feel pain. The only way to lift the spell was the give Baldur mistletoe which would un lift the spell. Kratos puts his life on the line to protect Freya. Kratos attempts to kill Baldur to save Freya, but Freya is outraged by Kratos actions and attempts to kill Kratos by summoning Thamur (The Frost Giant). Kratos kills Baldur by snapping his neck while Baldur attempted to strangle Freya as he wanted her dead for what she did to him. Freya is heartbroken and evacuates the scene with her dead son in her arms. With no interruptions, they reach the highest peak in Jotunheim by traveling through the realms. They scatter Faye’s ashes and their Journey parts with a scene of the two-returning home to Midgard.

Pulp Fiction Review.

By George McInerney

Review Room

George gives a look at the Tarantino classic

Pulp fiction is a Quentin Tarantino masterpiece. From the unbelieve acting from Samuel Jackson and Uma Thurman, to the gripping dialogue written by Quentin Tarantino. It is a production done so carefully and executed with such brilliance that it deserves its golden globe for best screenplay and National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay. The film tells a story in non-chronological order. There is different story’s at play at any given time throughout the film. Each story is equally as interesting and gipping. From Bruce Willis fixed boxing to John Travolta’s adventure with Uma Thurman.

For me personally the best aspect is the dialogue. The dialogue is quite unbelievable. Tarantino makes sure every scene of dialogue in his films also has a hook. He has to give the audience a reason why they should continue to care about what his characters are saying. To do this, he gives his audience a promise. This promise is a hint that something interesting is going to happen. He uses his dialogue to create a story and put together information the audience may or may not know. Telling a non-linear story can be complicated, this is why the use of dialogue is so important. For example, Vincent and Jules are talking and they subtly, mention there boss Marcellus. They build up this fear of the mysterious man. This is why the reveal of him later is all the more gripping and intense. This is why it useful as we already believe we know this man before we even meet him in the story. But most importantly it gives structure a non-linear story that is very much needed.

One of the most impressive aspects of this movie is the first and last scene. The first scene is of “Tim Roth” and “Amanda Plummer” in a diner and they are talking about how they will rob it. Now what is interesting is that this is also the final scene. What is later revealed is that are main characters Vincent and Jules are in this diner at the end of their story. At this point Vincent has completed his arc and decided to let this man leave and not kill him. As he identifies a new meaning to Ezekiel 25:17 and becomes truly “his brother’s keeper”. It is very impressive that in a movie that stops and starts at the beginning and end that there is still full arcs that characters go through especially Jules. Overall this film is a bold risk-taking experiment that payed off in numerous awards and nominations and making some small actors superstars in a Quentin Tarantino masterpiece.

Speech on Animal Testing

by James Hassett

Around The School

James gives us his opinions on testing on animals

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is James Hassett from St Munchins College and today I am here to convince you that animal testing can be justified.

Research on living animals has been practiced since at least 500 BC and has enabled the development of many life-saving treatments for both humans and animals, finding drugs and treatments to improve health and medicine.

Some medical treatments made possible by animal testing include cancer, insulin, antibiotics and vaccines to name a few. For example, the polio vaccine, tested on animals, reduced the global occurrence of the disease from 350,000 cases in 1988 to 27 cases in 2016. Therefore, the scientific community and many members of the public support its use.

Animal testing helps to ensure the safety of drugs and other substances humans use or are exposed to. Drugs can carry dangers with their use, but animal testing allows researchers to check the safety of drugs before starting trials on humans. This means that human harm is reduced, and human lives are saved. The drugs save lives as well as improve the quality of human life.

Animals themselves benefit from the results of animal testing. If vaccines were not tested on animals, millions of animals would have died from rabies, distemper and feline leukemic to name a few. Treatments for animals themselves has also been found by animal testing, for example the use of pacemakers for heart disease. Animal testing has also saved endangered species from extinction.

Some may argue that there are other methods that can be used instead of testing on live animals but conditions such as blindness and high blood pressure cannot be studied in tissue cultures. Chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with humans, and mice are 98% genetically like humans. All mammals, including humans have the same set of organs (heart, kidneys, lungs, etc.) that work mainly in the same way. Because animals and humans are so biologically similar, they can get similar illnesses including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes

Testing has also led to much criticism about how animals are cared for, but regulations and laws are in place, with Britain for example, having some of the strictest in the world. Animal researchers treat animals humanely, both for the animals’ sake and to ensure they get reliable test results. Research animals are cared for by Vets and animal health technicians to ensure their well-being.

Emotion may be the deciding factor in whether a person believes the benefits of animal testing outweigh the problems associated with the practice. However, the medical breakthroughs that have occurred as a result of animal testing can be considered reason enough to continue the practice, with the aim of reducing human suffering and saving human lives. Remember too that animals have also benefited.

Thank you for your time and please consider my argument in favour of animal testing.