Eiffel Tower Build Madison fitzgibbon

For raid seven, I was originally planning on doing something more complex than this, but then I remembered that I suck at Minecraft and couldn't do something that cool. So, I figured the Eiffel tower could be done fairly easily.

I used the stone which I sort of regret using because it didn't look great at the end, but it was alright.

I had some issues measuring the blocks out, but once I counted it out and got the scaling right it went fairly smoothly.

I started adding glass blocks in between the stone for the observation decks.

I eventually started thinning out the structure and making it increasingly taller.

I made another observation tower to add more depth.

This is the final product. It took about 3 hours altogether which was about what I was anticipating. I wish I used a better matching block to look more comparable to the real Eiffel tower, but for my Minecraft skills I think it came out halfway decent.

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