Forest Schools Dosbarth saith

Each week - up until Easter - we will be heading over to Aberdare Park to carry out fun and exciting activities with Forest Schools. This change of environment provides an opportunity for the children to get 'stuck in' and explore learning in a whole new way; not only by what they see and hear but by what they can feel and do themselves! A hands-on approach allows the children to be in control of what they learn and helps them apply their skills in an outdoor setting. Here are just a few photos from our first day!

Day 1 - Wood Cookie🍪

(Ooo.. sounds delicious!)

The weather game - Trees 🌲 blowing in the wind! 💨
#Enfys #Rainbow

Here are a few photos from our second day!

#Camouflaged 🍁
Measuring the circumference of the tree to calculate its age (total number of cm divide by 3)

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