City Project

4-26 I am an engineer. I wanted to be a farmer because it relates to science, but Mr. Ahmed made me an engineer. I think that I will be able to do the job of an engineer well.

4-27 The building part of an engineer should not be too hard as we look to have our city on a relatively flat part of land, but the entirety of the job will not be easy. My fellow engineers and I will have to listen to what farmers, energy workers, social workers, and policy makers have to say.

4-28 the flatness will be good, but I am a little bit worried about how close we are building to the river. This will make the soil very wet and could cause buildings to fall. Luckily I have the help of three others, and hopefully we can build strong foundations so buildings don't collapse.

5-1 researching soil has come to be unhelpful, as I did my own research and consulted farmers to see what they had found out about the soil, and came out empty handed. It will be harder to start the foundations without knowing about the soil quality and contents, so I will likely do more research. If I come up empty handed after more research, I will end up being easier to do a pre-dig to see what we engineers will be dealing with underground. In the near future I will l look to get an estimate of how much land will be needed for faming and energy, and what building we will need to build for the social workers.

4-2 As an engineer, I am relieved that we know the population that Riverdale will be. This will make planning of water lines, electric lines, roads, and sewage lines much easier. It gives me time to research the approximate number of water lines, energy lines etc. that are needed in a city with 100,000 people.

5-3 How will the soil in Riverdale play a role in how I have to build foundations of buildings? Answer- Today I made a lot of progress in how I should build the foundations based on the soil. I found out that the soil is called Menfro and contains mostly silt and clay. I know that the menfro will push on the foundation a lot, so I know I need a durable and strong base. I am thinking about using a raft foundation as shown below, because it is a wide, sturdy base that can be used for parking or just as more space in the building.

This is a raft foundation

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