All Aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway Embark upon an unparalleled journey through history on this legendary network of rails. Orbridge staffer Megan leads the way with her first-hand account of this exciting travel program.

Orbridge travel programs are carefully developed and executed by our skilled and passionate team who visits the locations and properties, and experiences each aspect of the programs. Their detailed reports offer valuable observations and highlights that may be useful for prospective travelers. Enjoy this Q and A with virtual tour and contact us at Orbridge with any questions you may have.

Let's go!

You joined the optional pre-tour to Beijing. What was your initial impression upon arriving?

Megan: I couldn’t believe Beijing was a city of 23 million people. A dynamic city and a melting pot of contrasts, it felt so clean, quiet, organized, and modern. The people were very outgoing and friendly. Our group experienced so many ‘acts of kindness.’ And I was amazed to be having Peking Duck in Beijing and they showed us how Chinese eat this tasty dish. I also couldn’t believe I was on The Great Wall of China!

Beijing and the Great Wall of China
A beautiful day to explore with our group of like-minded travelers

What was your favorite highlight of the program?

Megan: Wow, so difficult to pick a favorite. The Orbridge itinerary is chock full of authentic experiences for local color, cuisine, and hospitality. Tours, performances, presentations, plus the train experience make this an exceptional trip.

If I have to pick a single favorite, I loved jumping into Lake Baikal with the group and the barbecue dinner along the shores. It was very special to visit the world’s deepest freshwater lake, and tradition has it, I am now 10 years younger by venturing in to its waters!

Lake Baikal

What do you think travelers will like the most?

Megan: The history, the music, the unique Russian surprises along the way. From being in a Mongolian yurt to the Kremlin in Moscow I had to pinch myself thinking I was dreaming many times. It's the sheer joy of travel to discover, learn, and absorb the beauty that surrounds you—be that beauty in nature, architecture, or in the eyes of a fellow human being sharing our planet.

Mongolia (top left and right), St. Basil's Cathedral (bottom left), and the Kremlin in Moscow (bottom right)
Left: Proud winner of Mongolian wrestling match / Right: me having fun with group as we tried on hats in Mongolian yurt

What local person made the biggest impact on you?

Megan: Our room attendants on the Trans-Siberian, Sergey and Nadia. They were a married couple with four kids and didn’t speak much English at all—but a smile and a friendly wave doesn’t need to be translated.

Sergey and Nadia

What surprised you the most about this program?

Megan: The train cabins sure were cozy and being on the train an authentic Russian experience itself. This is the world's longest railway line, and it is a true legend. Vast panoramas, friendly staff, and fresh ingredients for culinary treats create an opportunity to savor traveling in this program.

Riding the rails aboard the Tsar's Gold!

Do guests sleep on the train every night of this program?

Megan: Good question! And no, this program also features overnights at well-appointed hotels to break up the journey for a refreshing change.

Why should travelers get excited about this destination?

Megan: We’ve all heard about Russia, studied it, feared it, and possibly not understood it. I love learning all the history of the Russian people, seeing the art and hearing the music, and bringing a little more understanding by experiencing their culture and customs.

Church of all saints built to commentate the death of the Romanov family. It's a significant site of the tour for Russian history.
Another trip highlight: celebrating our arrival at the border between Asia and Europe continents

You also joined the St. Petersburg post-tour. What was that experience like?

Megan: The Hermitage was AMAZING! If you wanted to see every piece of art in there for one minute, it would take you seven years!

St. Petersburg (left) and The Hermitage (right)
Taking a break at The Hermitage

That's incredible, Megan! Sounds like a return trip may be in order for you to continue delighting in this program. Where should our fellow explorers begin to learn more about this unrivaled experience?

Megan: First, I would love to return! And secondly, guests will find additional details about Trans-Siberian Railway by navigating to the following page of our website: Trans-Siberian Railway

To enjoy the longest hours of daylight and the chance of good weather, Orbridge times our Trans-Siberian adventures for June-August in 2020. For those considering this legendary trip, we offer a welcoming, "All aboard!"

Megan in front of St. Basil's Cathedral

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