Week 8 was another strong week. We are picking up steam as we head into March and Q1 Power Weeks. I want to make sure you heard loudly and clearly the most important message from today's call: There are literally thousands of people at WWHQ and in Columbia who are in your corner, ready and willing to help you win. Keep communicating, collaborating, and doing all the things that we talk about every week and you WILL win. Speaking of winners, lets's look at the QTD leader board in percent of growth as of Week 8.

Recruiting reminders

Producer growth starts with recruiting. To sustain growth, we must continually drive volume into the pipeline. It’s about finding the right candidates and making sure they have a quality experience as they transition into new producers. Know what’s in the works this week to help support you in these efforts:

Feb. 28: February’s MKD recruiting call kicks off at 10 a.m. EST. Market Direct Gary Greene, Regional Sales Coordinator Cathy Lee, and others will share tips and best practices to help you drive nomination activity in your market.

March 3: The STM 2.0 system rollout begins. It’ll be available in the North territory on Friday, March 3. All other territories will have access by the end of Q1. Watch for details on your rollout and be ready to more effectively track and manage the entire recruiting life cycle, from lead through productive recruit.

Here are your QTD recruiting leaders.

Congratulations on four straight weeks of growth

Between Week 4 and Week 8, all five territories showed existing account premium growth in the 3 to 249 market – and that means we’re building the momentum we need for a strong finish in Q1. Down in FL-C, Market Director Dennis Hartin is earning those increases by re-engaging his veterans. Here’s how:

  • Drive awareness of FAME changes. Make sure every coordinator knows about the changes to the FAME metrics for Q1. Incentivizing EAP and dormant account reactivation naturally drives veteran engagement.
  • Provide recognition. Let your team know who the top-50 associates are every week. It’s a great way to motivate veterans to stay ahead of the pack.
  • Survey your veterans. Ask veterans what support they want, then provide it.

Veteran re-engagement isn’t the only way to boost EAP. Central Territory Vice President Nate Harrison shared his Monthly Income Planning strategy. This strategy is focused solely on driving revenue, but it has a lot of unexpected benefits.

Make sure to share with your veteran agents this short video on how to put together a Monthy Income Plan.

Onset Marketing is another tool at your disposal to drive EAP. Agents following up on Onset Marketing leads are scheduling appointments 45 percent of the time – that’s 186 appointments in the last few weeks. With a conversion rate like that, your market can’t afford to pass up any lead. Here are the QTD leaders in Existing Account Premium growth.

Unlock FAME: It’s all about collaboration

With broker and career FAME aligned, success in one channel naturally feeds success in the other. Build out a SWAT team of knowledgeable associates to enroll broker business. Not only will it expand your distribution and get associates producing, but it helps brokers achieve FAME.

Broker FAME criteria:

Building that kind of collaborative business model doesn’t happen overnight. Sales Manager Joe Caci shared his thoughts about nurturing partnerships and growing business.

  • We all want the same thing – to win. Show broker partners you’re committed to helping them succeed – and trust and success will follow.
  • Aflac is hiring 24 new broker sales consultants to drive growth among unassigned brokers. Establish transparent, consistent communication with them on Day One and kick your partnership off right.
  • Aflac has exceptional talent. With the tenure and expertise of this company’s MKDs, MKTs and MAAs, we have everything we need to build and sustain strong broker partnerships.

The following Market Directors are leading the way in Broker Sales growth as of Week 8:

Three takeaways from Aflac’s Marketing department

  1. Aflac Choice. The new hospital indemnity product launched in January and is performing better than expected. Most accounts are opting in for the base plan and the two new riders. Now available in 12 states, the rollout will continue through Q2.
  2. Aflac Training app. Over 3,000 agents have already downloaded the training app and are comparing scores with their peers. It’s a fun, engaging way to test your product knowledge, receive helpful sales tips and connect with other Aflac agents. Check out the demo video and download the app if you haven’t already.
  3. Social Ambassadors program. Great social networking skills can unlock market share and drive recruiting. Our new Social Ambassadors program is designed to teach you how to use social networks to find prospects, build relationships and drive sales. You and your RSCs will receive invitations to the program later this week. Be ready to join the program and encourage others to do the same as it rolls out to DSCs and associates in the future.

Everwell: Trending in the right direction

Thanks to your leadership Everwell reached several milestones during the month of February:

  • We topped our monthly goal for Everwell usage, finishing February at 28.8 percent.
  • During Week 7, nationwide adoption rates crested the 30 percent mark for the first time.
  • We blew our AP goal out of the water with over $20.8 million of AP written on the platform.

While we've seen usage tick up across the country, the following markets are the leaders in Everwell production through Week 8.

Aflac President Teresa White joined the call and gave us all homework.

Watch Teresa's video section below and provide the answers to her questions by the end of the week. You can send your responses to FFSinbox@aflac.com.

Our Chairman and CEO Dan Amos is very excited about the opportunity we have in front of us. Dan reminded us that our business partners in Columbus and Columbia stand ready to help. If you need something, don't be afraid to ask for it.

Both the expectation and the goal from Dan were made crystal clear. We need no less than a 10 percent increase over the next five weeks.

How we get there is no secret. We need all 63 markets driving hard and building that sense of urgency throughout your teams. Use everything at your disposal to help you get there and get people motivated. The Change Your Lifestyle contest is still up for grabs. The Veteran Superstar contest has five big weeks left. And of course, there are five weeks left to bag a Q1 FAME, a Convention invitation and to get a leg up in the FAME your way to Pebble Beach contest.

This week, remember this: You are a part of the greatest field force in America and there is no metric that can measure your heart. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. I believe in you and am humbled to be you leader. Remember, our next call is March 13. Have a great week, everybody.


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