Erin Hamlin "It DEFINITELY caught me off guard. But anYthing can happen."

Park City Luge World Cup December 17, 2016

Erin Hamlin was one of the best american luge athletes in history! She was the first American luger to place in the Olympics, She won bronze. That day her first run had a downtime of 50.356. Every run was getting better her second run had a time of 50.276 and her final run had a 50.165! Moving on to some of her best results, She has 9 gold medal World cup wins. 8 silver World cup wins and 7 bronze wins. She has so many more I couldn't even fit them all in this paragraph. She will forever be apart of USA Luge history.

Race Day🇺🇸

As a kid Erin Hamlin not only participated in luge but also was an all star soccer player and track runner when she graduated high school. As I said Erin was a soccer player, her idol is Mia Hamm. Now how she found the sport is pretty cool, She found an interest and went to a screening camp in Syracuse and she has been doing it ever since. Moving onto her education, she graduated remesen high school in 2004 and is now doing online school when she is travleling and training. One of Erin's favorite books is Angles and Demond's by Dan Brown she enjoys reading it while traveling!

Photo for the team USA website 🇺🇸

Erin Hamlin is on the USA Luge Team and has to work very hard to stay strong and and mentally strong to keep going. Usually Erin's days consist of sliding, The gym, and eating very healthy. It keeps her muscles strong and her mind stronger. Also to keep her mind strong she takes metal runs and it helps correct her mistakes and learn the track. Erin is 5'7 and 161lbs she is very muscular. She works out with her team typically. Also most days her and her team play a game/different sport so that they are not just using the muscles that they use in luge. This helps to prevent injuries.


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