The Beauty of Religion Zachary Cruz 1b

This is a picture of a cross I took a picture of while traveling with my Grandma and Grandpa across the world. It means a lot to my Grandparents because they are Christian and really like the symbol of the cross and what it stands for and, they like giant crosses in the ground.
This is Jama Masjid a famous landmark for the religion Hinduism. I visited here this week for a few reasons. One, I just love the architecture of this building. Two, This is home to one of the first religions created. This was a great trip and hope to visit here again.
Visiting India was a once in a life time opportunity, just seeing all the beautiful landscapes that marks Buddhism was really cool. I don't have much else to say other than look at that picture, it's amazing!
Visiting the stans was very interesting. I have a friend who once lived in the stans and said it was beautiful here and that the Islamic religion was everywhere. Despite not knowing where I was going it was very cool being here and, learning about Islamism was cool too.
Learning about Judaism is I think probably in the most interesting one yet. Probably because I sat and met with a few strangers and they had ancestors who were in the holocaust and had herd stories that they told me. Just learning what there religion and people have gone through in the past made it the most interesting trip.


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