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"To me, if life boils down to one thing, it's movement. To live is to keep moving." -Seinfeld

SEO, SEM, Analytics and Wordpress are a handful of digital tools I've used for clients both big and small. I know how to look at your website, mission or goal and help create a path towards success. Search Engine Optimization is a long term game that requires regular maintenance in order to be successful. It is multifaceted and requires action in several areas in order for you to reach your goal. Search Engine Marketing is another way to gain visibility, typically through custom made banners that are engineered to help gain traction with your targeted demographic. Analytics is the key to really digging deep into your base and maximizing your marketing allocation for optimal results. With creative writing, strong visuals, marketing and solid use of analytics, your goals are attainable. Here are just a handful of sites I have written blogs for over the past year. Here are some direct links: Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4, Blog 5, Blog 6, Blog 7, Blog 8, Blog 9. I become versed in anything I write about to insure the impact is real. I believe that writing quality, factual material is cornerstone in society, regardless of topic. This is just one way I can help increase your visibility.

You get social, too? Here are some accounts I managed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the East Carolina Alumni Association. Paid advertising in these areas is also my game. Hootsuite is the platform the organization uses to streamline efforts. When you consider the main accounts alongside chapters, the pages add up! I've just started familiarizing myself with NUVI to monitor social media, it's a great platform.

Content development for applications is something I enjoy. Recently I've worked diligently to build content for the "ECU Traditions Map" - which is focused on student engagment. I also manage the back end of the application which involves scheduling, adding new photos, push notifications, geofencing & updating traditions. Take it for a spin! Click here for iOS or Click here for Android/Google Play. Screenshots below!

DATA, did you say data? I speak that language too. You have to today. While I can't share spreadsheets with you, I can say that the university has over 170,000 passionate alumni. With numbers like that, you have to be proactive in segmenting your audience based on your current event or need. Sure, alumni in California want to know were hosting our 10th Annual Road Race - but do they really need to get a postcard from North Carolina? Probably not. The same notion applies to dozens of angles when looking towards any alumni base for support. Appropriateness and timing go a long way. It's not likely you'll always get it right - but when you do hit that homerun, thank your DATA team. Or person.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the marketing material I helped create as the Traditions Map is launched! PeeDee is excited about it!

You're into print, too? Ive also handled a bit of print marketing. Every month I sent hundreds of renewals by mail to members who are on their way to expiration or who have expired. I use the 90/60/30 approach, as well as follow up with emails for the digitally inclined. Servicing life members is also in my wheelhouse, as well as ensuring welcome kits go out every week to new or returning supporters of the university. I also worked with vendors to create promotional items, which is fun. When I wasn't doing that I headed up tele-philanthropic efforts semi annually, as well as robocalling, monthly. I also managed our print/digital Alumni Directory, of which I wrote the forward & was the key point of contact for. Here's a link to the membership landing page.

Here's an example of a Life Member installment payment form made in InDesign.

This is a sampling of the center section of the welcome kit for annual members. In 2016 we partnered with PPi Loyalty for our welcome kit needs.

Photography is something I've always enjoyed. Keep scrolling to see some images I've captured along the way...

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”— Ansel Adams

Everything has an angle that holds depth, beauty and meaning. You just have to look for it.

by: Scott H. Duke

Health Communication is of vast importance...

Ive also worked in healthcare, most recently at ECU 's Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. I served the chief of the department as well as ran the fellowship program. The fellows are involved in multiple conferences to include GI core curriculum, case conferences, pathology, research, journal club and morbidity and mortality conference. I utilized ERAS & NRMP for matching & stringently adhered to ACGME guidelines.

I was on a small team that depolyed and implemented the North Carolina Electronic Disease Surveillance System in all 100 counties in our state. We visited each site to educate health care workers on how to transition to this new software. This is why we no longer use paper to track disease in NC. Being a part of that impact was special.

Media and health go hand in hand. Depending on a persons needs, sound or video may be the only way they can receive meaningful life changing communication.

I worked with an external vendor to develop content for medical screens at ECU. Clinics use them to educate patients as they wait for treatment, this one can be found in the Speech Language and Hearing Clinic at ECU.

Design is something I've always had a passion for. Find a need, and try to fill it. This is an auto-cad print of a despenser I designed. I then worked with ECU's College of Engineering and Technology to have the prototype made on a rapid design machine. I share this because I take projects that are professional or personal full circle. Think it. Dream it. Do it.

Many moons ago I arrived as a non-traditional student at ECU. Here are a few projects I worked on in the land of media while at Campus Living. As a producer I wrote, directed and edited several PSA's and other content broadcast on Campus 31's TV station.

As ECU approached her centennial I worked with the Task Force for the Centennial Celebration while attending to my studies. I decided to write, direct and edit a piece to celebrate our new mile marker. Each chancellor or person of notable impact was contacted and interviewed. The result was over an hour long, which I edited down for the sake of time. It was a great experience that means a great deal, as some have now departed. As it has been said, there's no time for ivy. You can watch 100 Years of ECU here.

While completing my masters degree, I worked with the College of Human Ecology at ECU. I spent two years assisting their communicatons director covering any base that I could. I conducted interviews, created graphics and helped assemble the annual report seen here. It was a great experience!

Over a decade ago I was in the first class to enter the masters in communication program at ECU. We formed the Communication Graduate Student Association, of which I served as Treasurer.

During this time I also served on the Media Board at ECU.

Did you know North Carolina is the 3rd leading state in film production? It's right behind California and New York. In 2003 I was asked to write, direct and edit the bonus footage of this NC made feature film. I met with most of the cast and interviewed them. As romantic comedy goes, it was a fun atmostphere to be in. One of the lead actors, Keith Harris has gone on to work with the likes of Robert Redford, among other notables. Here's a link to the IMDB profile for the film.

This is my trusty guide that I have had for quite awhile. It's been more than helpful in traversing the ongoing and ever changing landscape of communication etiquette.

InDesign is another tool in my kit. Here are a few recent images I designed.

I have a passion for cars on the weekends of my life. Here's a story I wanted to share that has transformed into a web series. This episode was viewed over 30,000 times on Facebook. The second episode featuring another amazing story is set to film spring 2017. Visit Drive In, Drive Out here on Facebook.

I hope you've enjoyed this glimpse.

If you'd like to connect, feel free to send me an email. scotthduke@gmail.com #thankyou

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photos by Scott H. Duke

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