BATMAN By: Carter


By: Carter Sievers

Have you ever heard of the best bot, Batman? Well if you haven’t, read this article, and I will tell you why he’s the best. We built a Battle Bot to fight each other. My awesome partners were Mason and Brian. The name of our bot is Batman. Someone took our bot, not Batman, so we had to overcome this. The purpose of this project was to improve our writing. The Batman Bot is the best because it’s strong, it has nails on it, and has rams that will destroy.

The Batman is the best bot because it’s strong. It may not move, but when Brian pushes it, it crushes all the other bots. If it moved, I think we could have beat anyone. When Brian pushed it, Joey’s bot went flying. We know that it would be the strongest because the way Brian pushed it was crazy strong. This is why our bot is the strongest. You can clearly see why it’s the strongest now.

The Batman is the best bot in the class because it has nails. Our bot has nails that can pop your tire. We went against Joey, his bot got stuck on our nails. Also, they leave dents in your bot, so then they can’t drive. This is one reason why ours is the best. The Batman is the most awesome in the class because it has nails that shred.

The Batman Bot is the best because it has ramps. Our ramps crushed Joey’s bot. We had one high ramp and one low. This was because bots like Joey’s were small. Our ramps made Joey’s bot flip too. This is why our bot shreds. This is another reason why the bot Batman is the best.

The greatest bot in the class is Batman because it has nails, it’s very durable, and it has many ramps. The greatest bot in the world is Batman because he has strong nails. The most amazing thing about it is that it’s very strong. One of the most incredible bots is Batman because it has a lot of ramps. “The game has it’s ups and downs, but you can never lose focus of your individual goals and you can’t let yourself be beat because of lack of effort”. -Michael Jordan

The side of Batman you can see the whole thing.

The front of are ramps.

The side of Batman.

This is are back ramp that has nails.

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