The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Scott Pierce

Empty Stage before performance


Walking up to constant theatre during this evening I walked around the outside of Constans Theatre to really grasp the outside structure of the theatre and what to expect on the inside. I entered the theatre by the retention pond instead of walking into the the new entrance that has been constructed this year. Walking through the side doors I was first overwhelmed with the structural art that is put in place on the walk way to the roll call attending areas. Bright colorful cut out objects where hanging from the ceiling and trapped over the window giving it a feeling of walking into a new dimension. I sat kind of towards the back of the theatre and I don't think this affected the experience of the play that I was watching. Sitting towards the back gives you the ability to see the full stage and acting that is taken place off of where the main action is taking place. The staff did not turn off the lights in an upstairs hallway which was pretty distracting for the opening 20 min as the whole auditorium was dark except this part of the ceiling. The physical presence of the auditorium brought in a feeling of leaving the real word and going into one of imagination and story telling and this was done by the art outside of the theatre and the way the stage and seating inside are played out.

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I attended this play by myself to really understand what was going around with the peers around me. I did some research on the play before attending to see what i was about to witness so i could have a little background information. I wanted to know when the play was supposed to be taking place and where to see if the actors really could pull of the feat of appearing from that time. I had a couple of drinks to try and loosen up the mind so i would not go in with a bad taste after reading it was that i was going to see. Looking around people were dressed in all different clothes from formal to casual paying there different respects to the play. Attending this play by myself enhanced the social aspect of this because i go to sit back and watch instead of interact with others and get to see how they felt about the play and what they had to say. Sharing the experience doesn't really invoke any aspect of the good life other than that we can all civilly sit for 2 hours together quietly and pay our respect to the art that is being performed.

Art work in the waiting area


This one aspect of the play that I could relate to in a sense of the good life is how giving people are to see success in someone else. The family came from the slums with all the member working in factories trying to make enough money so that their oldest son could go to the best school. This left a personal message with me seeing how hard my parents work to get me to where i am and how much there support means even when everything is going wrong. The protagonist of the play is seen making un priestly decisions with stealing and fighting. This is seen right at the beginning and this introduces the process of how things will change with the characters development into becoming a good man. This played showed me how the immature actions of one can slowly change and that through learning and patience one can achieve their goal of the good life and bring happiness to those that supported them in the beginning.

The seating area outside the theatre in the Reitz Union


This play showed katharsis in its ability to connect to the audience on a social level. The play really questioned ones work ability when they are given everything and don't really have to work for what is right. It made the audience question ones elf if what they were doing was right. If they were stealing, or showing disrespect to someone of higher power, or not being able to control ones own actions. Walking away from the play the audience should look at oneself and feel thankful for the position that they are in at the University of Florida. There are a lot of benefits and many of us are given things that we don't deserve and what we do with that is what the good life is all about. Many people are ungrateful for the everyday things we have like the ability to go see a work of art performed for us and just think we are being forced to see it for class. Going in with the right mindset is what the good life should embrace because leaving the play with the same mindset you should be able to make connections and benefit from what you just watched. The play is supposed to evoke a power in you, a soul searching conscious that will let you grow and see your own mistakes through them and to grow from them.

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