Lewis and Clark Expedition By Ricardo rivas

Key players

Meriwether Lewis. He was the official leader of the expedition. He was an explorer, a politician, and a veteran of war.
William Clark. He was a friend of Lewis and was also his commander. He was noted for his frontiersman skills and Meriwether enjoyed his company.
Thomas Jefferson. He was the third president of the United States. He had just purchased the Louisiana purchase and he sent Meriwether Lewis to explore the land to the Pacific.
Sacagawea. She was member of the Shoshone tribe and she assisted in guiding, and translating, plus she salvaged materials after a boat overturned.
Captain James Cook. He wrote"A voyage to the pacific ocean", which greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson to send an expedition. He was a british Military captain.


  • They successfully reached their goal of reaching the Pacific, and they mapped and established their presence for a claim to the land that they passed
  • They made diplomatic relations and trade with at least two indigenous countries.
  • .They mapped pretty much all of the land they encountered, including geological features such as bodies of water and mountain ranges.


  • Private George Shannon was lost and alone for two weeks. He was starving, and struggling to keep up with the keelboat. He finally sat down to rest, all of his hope gone, when suddenly, the keelboat arrives. He had been ahead the whole time.
  • Private John Newman was charged with mutiny. He muttered mutinous expressions and tried to turn the men against their captain. He pleaded innocent but his plea was not accepted. He received 75 lashes and was disbanded from the party.
  • The men constantly had to be pushing/pulling the keelboats up the Missouri river which resulted many of he men to suffer from fatigue. They also were subject to illnesses and insect bites.

Animal species discovered

Lewis and Clark discovered the Pronghorn. In their journals, they had called them wild goats, but that ran with greater speed and agility than they had ever seen.
They also discovered the prairie dog. They took almost the whole day trying to collect a specimen, but finally got one. They called them barking squirrels because of their resemblance to squirrels and their
The magpie was discovered by lewis and clark shortly after they discovered the coyote.

Lewis and Clark route

Lewis and clark covered around 4,000 miles, went through 4 time zones, and through several states.

Items taken on the trip

  • They had a 55 foot keelboat that was a huge help traveling upstream. They also brought two pirogues, a square sail and 35 oars.
  • They brought 150 Yards of cloth to be oiled and sewn into tents and sheets.
  • They also brought 193 Pounds of "portable soup" ,a thick paste made by boiling down beef, eggs, and vegetables, only us if no other food was available on the trail.


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