Plagiarism??? By: Tyler Kendrick

This week in class, we talked about Plagiarism. This led me to think back on the times that I have plagiarized and all of the ridiculous rules of plagiarism. You can get into serious trouble from plagiarism and you cannot bounce back from this. There is a map of what types of plagiarism and a ranking of how severe they are.

This connects to the habits of mind of responsibility. It is your responsibility to do your own work, even when it is 3 in the morning and you have to be up for your 8 AM. It is your responsibility to make sure you site your sources. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not straight up copy your friends work, or do someone else's work.

Also we talked about how we should know what plagiarism is. There is a website that will tell you all you need to know about plagiarism and how to make sure you are not plagiarizing. I found out that the only place that takes plagiarism serious is the United States. Europeans believe that once something is published, it is put out for everyone to use. In America, we think that it belongs to the one person, so we have to give them credit.

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