"What Do You Know About Snowflakes?" Our study of winter

Today at meeting we continued our discussion of snowflakes. After reading quite a few nonfiction texts, our class is becoming quite the experts about snow and snowflakes! I asked each of the kids to answer the question, "What do you know about snowflakes?" We went around the circle and meeting and every child shared their thoughts.

"I know that snowflakes fall on your head outside, but it doesn't hurt because they are soft and fluffy. You would never want an icicle to fall on your head though." -Will

"I know that snowflakes can be big or small." -Grace

"I know that we can make a snowman when the snow is wet and heavy like in the book." -Emilia

"You have to get dressed to play in the snow. If you don't have snow pants and mittens then you will be too cold and it won't be fun." -Lucas

"Sometimes people can play hockey when it's snowing!" -Clayton

"You can build lots of stuffs with snow! Like a snowman or an igloo or even a snow fort!" -Aiden

"I know that snowflakes come from clouds and they fall through the sky to the ground." -Naisha

"Snowflakes are made out of ice crystals and they are symmetrical." -Ethan

"I know that snowflakes melt into water when it is warm outside." -Adam

"I know that snowflakes all have six sides, but there is something that is different about them. They are all different, every single one is different." -Molly

We have been discussing the fact that snowflakes are symmetrical. To better understand this, we took a picture of a snowflake and I folded it in half so that we could see how both sides were identical. After some further discussion about this, we decided to try and make a snowflake on the floor of our classroom, using our bodies!

"We need 6 friends! And everyone has to be laying the same or it won't be the same on both sides," Ethan directed us.

Although the snow has melted lately, we were excited to be able to go outside and play! When we got out there we were surprised to see that most of the trees and bushes were coated with ice.

Our friends had fun trying to collect some of the icicles off of the bushes.
"Wow! It looks like diamonds!" Will told his friends.

We will continue this study this week. We are hoping for some (notice I said SOME) more snow so that we can use it in our learning!

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