Innocent Emotions

A while ago now I wanted to create an image of my daughter and her teddy that's been part of her life since she was a little girl but I wanted to do it in a conceptual way to show that sometimes things can seem larger than life.

The main frame for this image was taken with a Pentax k5 and da* 50-135 at iso 80, 1/180, f4, 103mm with CPL mounted on the lens (to cut down some of the ambient light). We also used a 200w/s strobe inside a 60x90 softbox held by my loving wife who was acting as my voice activated light stand.

Some people might notice that the shot is pretty wide for the type of lens used, that's because the image is a Brenizer style shot made up of around 30-40 images that are stitched together to emulate a larger format camera .

As I was making the teddy much larger in the image than it is in real life it had its own little photoshoot.

The teddy was placed on a green t-shirt so that it would reflect some light into the shadows (and pretend it was the grass) and was light using the same 60x90cm softbox but also with two speed lights either side with orange gels to mimic the setting sun and lighting in the main photo.

Because I had left the shoes on (big and white) they were very distracting and dominating in the scene so I shot the legs of the teddy in the garden with the same lighting set up, this also gave me grass around the feet which helped a lot when merging the image together, while I was there I also got a photo of my daughter grabbing the teddy to give me some more options for the hand holding.

Lastly I noticed I had a big empty space in the sky so I shot some clouds and overlaid one very faintly onto the sky and used parts of another to make a faint heart cloud.. this was done pretty easily using the blend layers and masking.

If you or someone you know would like a uniqe image like this created feel to get in touch at

Thank you.

Created By
Paul Monaghan

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