Types of Plants By Sal Sacnehz

Bryophytes are groups of plants that do not have transport tubs and live on land.


For example: Hornwort and Moss

Gymnosperms are types of plants that have uncovered seeds and needls


For example: Pine cones and Pine Trees

Angiosperms are types of vascular plants with Transport Tubs and had flowers


For example: Sunflowers and Roses

The End

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Salvador Sanchez


Created with images by John Game - "Pleuridium mexicanum" • wapiko☆ - "bryophyte" • Martin Cooper Ipswich - "Moss" • Hans - "elsach river falkensteiner cave" • Antranias - "arable hornwort caryophyllaceae white" • Didgeman - "pine needles forest" • marneejill - "pine cone" • Cristiana Bardeanu - "Snow" • Pexels - "adventure boots conifers" • Pexels - "blur close-up focus" • Scott Loarie - "Angiosperms" • Nicola since 1972 - "Flowers - IMG_7686" • treegrow - "Coconut Palm" • apple_pathways - "Sunflowers" • slgckgc - "Roses"

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