Rabbit-Proof Fence By Ilana Price


- This movie is a Hollywood blockbuster, it is not a documentary displaying accurate facts.

- The film techniques were used to make the movie more interesting and upon the knowledge gained the only feelings that or to be felt are both sadness and confusion.

- Rabbit-Proof Fence’ should not be used as a learning tool for Australian Students to learn about the Stolen Generation.

Body Paragraph 1:

- According to research, many half caste children were willing to go with the Anglo Saxon’s in the hope of a better life as they were given good shelter, new clothes, food and an education. In the movie, the Anglo Saxon’s believed they were doing the right thing by taking these children.

- “Don’t they know what we are trying to do for them?”

-“should the colours go back to black or should they advance to white"

- Ladies and Gentlemen, examples of both false information and information that was just blatantly left out have been shared, this movie is certainly not an accurate documentation of what really happened in the Stolen Generation and should therefore definitely not be used as a learning tool for Australian Students to learn about the Stolen Generation.

Body Paragraph 2:

- The director, Philip Noyce included film techniques such as camera angles, costuming, lighting and dialogue to enhance the film.

- The movie ‘Rabbit-Proof Fence’ is not an educational film, it is simply an entertaining movie “based on a true story”.

- This movie is extremely ineffective as many of the “facts” that were shared were either bias or lacking the real truth.

-Therefore the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence should not be used as a learning tool for young Australians to learn about the Stolen Generation.

Body Paragraph 3:

- After and whilst watching this movie the viewers experienced the feelings of sadness and guiltiness when the half caste children are being forcibly removed from their families.

-The movie creates confusion for the audience about what happened to all the other stolen half caste children and it leaves the audience with many questions

- How many children were really taken against their will?

- Was it Australia wide or just in Western Australia?

- Where the children happy after they were taken and given an education?

- Do you really believe that after watching that movie Australian Students are going to have a clear understanding of what the Stolen Generation was?

- This movie is therefore undoubtedly ineffective in teaching Australian students about the Stolen Generation.


- Ladies and gentleman the movie that was watched was a “good story” however, it is not at a documentary standard with facts and figures and therefore should not be used as an educational tool for teaching.

- The movie Rabbit-Proof fence is exceptionally not effective in teaching Australian Students about the Stolen Generation.

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