Star Board - Term One Week Eleven St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

This is my Final Assembly address today.

11 weeks and we can call this term almost at an end. From my perspective, and possibly from yours, that although it has been busy it has been ok, but peppered with pluses and minuses…and you know what? That is life.

Brick bats is a reference for those things which have caused concerns and created little emergency callouts. Alert 2 saw us twice changing procedures, distancing, cancelling assemblies and chapels, postponing our Open Afternoon and the like. In the community Martinborough Fair had to be shifted and the wearing of masks became a compulsory expectation on Public transport

And we adapted…

It became obvious on some occasions this term that some of you cannot identify a bin because your rubbish has not even got close…We know how to keep our school clean, because none of us wants to live in a tip! So let’s change that

We have a uniform … and it has clear guidelines about how it should be worn; and the majority wear it well and set good examples. For those of you who struggle with that you can change that or tell others to up their game

Last time I looked the expectations had not changed for jewellery. One pair of earrings, one in each lobe. Earrings to be studs- either plain silver, plain gold, or pearl. Only thing on your wrist…a watch

No necklaces. See me for dispensation if you believe that is required. We know some of you wear medic alert bracelets. But the rules are simple and straightforward. Additional piercings ???? invisible inserts…bearing in mind if you have to tell someone that what you are wearing is invisible…it has clearly failed the invisibility test. So that is when integrity kicks in and you do the right thing…

Behaviour is not about compliance alone. It is about respect and living the values. If you consider what behaviour looks like on the roads, we follow the road signs and at things like a Give Way sign we give way, and we stop at a Stop sign. Good behaviour means we follow those directives and in so s doing keep ourselves and others safe; and alive.

Good behaviour in school and following those expectations also means we all feel safe. And happy. So, we can teach, and you can learn.

No rocket science here but being late is disrespectful. Sometimes there are exceptions…we know! But this one is mostly in our control.

A key value for us is INCLUSIVITY. Reverend Lesley talked about it in Chapel this week. None of us wants to ever feel ostracised, excluded, left out…pushed out. You do not want that for yourself. So let’s get this sorted

There have been bouquets. Moments to celebrate and there will be more ahead.

This bouquet, our Anglican character, encapsulates, describes what we stand for…To be good and decent people who: Tend, Teach, Transform, Tell, and Treasure others. That is the mission we are all on every day.

I have been heartened by your adaptation to the phone changes on this site…this has been a fabulous bouquet. If I look at these two corded phones (obsolete/ gone now) they form a mouth and that has been obvious that you, and we are all talking more.

The ultimate bouquet is that We are here to learn so your class time is important. The Board are undertaking an upheaval of the Strategic plan and in that we are reviewing the Curriculum which started a year ago (discounting Covid in 2020) to ensure relevance. This has made the learning for the staff exciting and invigorating. Because like you - we must keep on improving.

The camps this year were fun bouquets and feel like they happened a lifetime ago. They were about bonding and getting out of your comfort zone…for all of us who ventured out . Years 12 and 13 had bouquets – Mixers, for the same purpose as camps: Icebreakers, Activity days, Dessert dance, and there still more ahead …to bond and have fun.

Bouquet to us all for the Athletics day…It was fun. It was positive spirit. And you made it these things. Again, bouquets for this Swimming sports day. It was fun. It was positive spirit. And you made it these things.

Another positive bouquet about the things you have had and can do here: Sport exchanges, Cricket teams making the Nationals…again. Rep selections. These are all ‘wow’ moments.

And cultural involvement, like Sheilah Winn; well done to all our players and especially acknowledging: Gen Nightingale, Tegan Abbott, and Corrin Prince, and Charlotte Butler. It has been gratifying to see the growth of the Cultural group (who are performing at Rathkeale). We recognise we are a school in NZ, and this is part of the Tiriti o Waitangi underpinning what we do: Fun Choir, Junior Choir, Viva Camerata, and Orchestra. Keeping music and song alive is one of the many exciting parts of who we are and therefore a fabulous bouquet. Let’s keep singing and playing.

Thank you for your participation in the Thursday activities; and bouquets to those of you who have run them.

Staff bouquets: Thank you for all you do for the learners every day. First term down for: Mrs Clearwater, Mrs Veale, and Mrs Gollins. Thank you for joining us. We say see you later to Ms Hammond and Mrs Traill who both leave as one to become two. We welcome Mr Clarke back into the English department.

Your families make a huge difference to all we are, so I cannot go past giving them bouquets. The friends with whom you spend time are your bouquets. Friends should buoy you and lift you. They should make you feel good to be you…every time. So, nurture good friendships.

You have made the good things about this term. So, a bouquet to you. But I need you to come back and get your acts together because:

- Some of you have been mean.

- Some of you are bullies.

- Some of you are unkind.

Nobody has the right to make anyone feel unsafe-ever. I will not condone bullying in any shape or form. If you have nothing kind to say -say nothing.

Let us celebrate what makes us all special because that is why we are here in St Matthew’s; and deal with those who are not letting that happen by using our voice to be our best. So let’s remember those brick bats and leave them behind , and get our acts together

Over the holidays I am going to spend time with family, do some school work , and buy some new clothes…funny that

Take care and I will see you next term. Thank you.

Ngā Mihi


Effort Grade Report Two for Years 7-11 are now available on the portal

Around School this Week

Sheila Winn Shakespeare

Congratulations to our girls who entered the Sheila Winn Shakespeare competition on Tuesday evening. We entered a Year 11 team (The Tempest, pictured above), a Senior College team (Twelfth Night), and Charlie Butler (Year 13) was a student director for her 5 minute exert from Love's Lost Labour.

Congratulations to the Senior College team of Lucus Abbott, Ben Lake, Andy Bate, Corrin Prince, Genevieve Nightingale, William Smallwood, Teagan Abbott and Luca Dempsey who won the 15 minute scene, Directed by Collette Nickelson. They are off to the Nationals next term.

Charlie Butler received the Colin Palmer, Spirit of Shakespeare Award - Greytown Little Theatre.

In Charlie's cast were Logan Purvis, Elsyn Beck, Oliver Pyatt, Lucas Abbott, Isabella Ward, Andrew Bate, Francesca Domanski, Charlie Butler, Seth Langford, Juan Zuluaga Rivera, Blair Gilmer and David Chapman.

Year 11 Cast - Aibhinn McCann-Bell, Charlotte Austin, Rebecca Johnson, Penny Noble, Tia Lange, Sophie Johnson, Kate McKenna, Lucy Stevens and Hope Eales, directed by Miss Susanne Richardson.

Old Girls Return

At our assembly on Wednesday we welcomed back to SMS, Amanda Harris (next to Mrs Gill), Hattie Vincent and Kate Sims. They shared their experiences with the girls since they have left St Matthew's and are now at university. Amanda spoke about her Lincoln scholarship and how her course was panning out. Kate spoke about her time at Lincoln University also, and her cricket career. Kate has played for the Canterbury Magicians and the New Zealand A side against England. Watch out for her in the future! It was great catch up with Hattie with a different take on her first year and making the call to change universities. She is now studying psychology at Victoria University.

Thursday Activities

Yesterday was the final Thursday afternoon for the six week sessions this term. We will embark on another round of five weeks of sessions next term. Pictured above are the final products of the garment bag option. Thanks to the staff and outside providers for being involved and we look forward to their continued support. Of special mention are the students who led groups. Bella Ward ran a Karate group, Chelsea Hawkes helped with Squash and Jojo Cloutman ran her 'No Deed too Small' for service to the community. Leadership from these girls is really appreciated.

French and Spanish

This term, students studying languages have had the opportunity to do some cooking as part of their learning about the cultures connected to those languages. In Week 8, Mrs Hannon’s Year 7 &8 French class cooked Croque Monsieur, a classic French café snack. They managed to request ingredients in French and learned important expressions such as bon appétit. They also enjoyed the very good food they produced.
Year 10 Spanish have been learning about Semana Santa – Easter in Spain. As part of this week-long religious celebration, Spanish people often eat Torrijas, a type of fried, eggy bread coated in cinnamon and sugar, which of course we had to try ourselves! The girls really enjoyed the cooking experience and a first-hand opportunity to learn about Spanish culture.

Staff Farewells

Today we have two staff members leaving us to go on maternity leave. On the left, Mrs Selena Traill, our school receptionist, and Miss Olivia Hammond (English, Drama and Social Studies). We wish them all the best and look forward to their return. They were presented with flowers and a baby basket full of goodies from the staff. Mrs Jenny Keeton, one of our school counsellors also leaves us this term. We wish her well in the future.

School Notices

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is now closed for the holidays, but if needed an appointment can be booked for Wednesday the 28th of April. Please email Juliet: smcsuniforms@trinityschools.nz to organise.

The shop will be open as usual on the last Sunday afternoon of the holidays, 2nd of May 2pm – 5pm.

All sizes of winter uniform are now back in stock: tunic dresses $214.00, L/S grey blouses $103.00, L/S white blouses $85.00, black cotton tights $22.00, black opaques $12.00, black soft shell winter jacket $150.00, scarf $46.00, blazers $296.00, cardigans $175.00, St Matthew’s thermal (for sport) $52.00

Please email Juliet with any questions: smcsuniforms@trinityschools.nz

Open Afternoon

As you will be aware we had to cancel or Open Afternoon due to Level Two restrictions. We are pleased to announce that this has been rescheduled for Tuesday 18 May from 2pm-5pm (Term Two, Week Three). Spread the word!


Once again this year ANZAC day falls in the school holidays. We will be holding our ANZAC commemoration service on the first Wednesday back in Term Two. Girls are invited to attend any of the ANZAC services and wear their formal school uniform. For the Masterton service we will meet by the Recreation Centre at 5.30am. From here, the school groups march behind the RSA members to the Cenotaph at Queen Elizabeth Park. We will lay a wreath on behalf of the school.

Details of Service in the Wairarapa are below:


A dawn parade will be held in Masterton with an assembly at the War Memorial Hall at 5.30am and a service will begin at the Cenataph in Queen Elizabeth Park at 5.55am. The guest speaker will be Makoura College student Lily Wright. The duties of the Cenataph Guard and Flag Orderly will be taken up by 21 Squadron Air Training Corp. There is to be a contingent of around 50 service personnel from Linton Camp, 5 Movement Company. Refreshments will be served afterwards at the Wairarapa Services and Citizens Club, Essex Street.


Tinui’s service starts at 10.30am, but it is recommended people assemble outside the Tinui War Memorial Hall earlier. At 10am, light armoured vehicles will arrive, followed by a march led by Manawatu and District Pipe Band, soldiers, veterans, and Te Runga Air Scouts. There will be a vintage aircraft flyover at 11am, weather permitting, and morning tea will be served by the Tinui Women’s Institute at 11.15. Major Steve Fisher will be the guest speaker. He commands the Wellington East Coast Squadron of the oldest unit in the New Zealand Army, Queen Alexandra’s Mounted Rifles.

A service will be held at the ANZAC Memorial Bridge on SH2 starting at 2pm. Parking is to be at Miller Reserve, and there is a walkway to the bridge from there. An afternoon tea will be held following the service at Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre for $5 per person.


A dawn parade will form outside Pain and Kershaw’s on Jellicoe St at 5.45am. The parade will move off to the town square and cenotaph at 5.55am, where a service will be held, as well as laying of wreaths. People are advised to take along a torch to the commemorations as it is an early start. Coffee and tea will be available at the Martinborough Fire Station following the service, which will be officiated by Rev Sam Bate.


There will be an 8am service at the First World War Memorial in Featherston Cemetery, on Wester Lake Rd. A parade will commence from Clifford Square at 9am, and will proceed to the War Memorial on Fitzherbert St for the laying of wreaths. The parade will then march to the Anzac Hall, on the corner of Bell St and Birdwood St, for the commemorative service, at which Major Albie Rothman RNZIR, Officer Commanding Wellington Company 5th/7th Battalion, will be guest speaker. It will be followed by refreshments.


The Citizens Anzac Day Service will be held at the War Memorial, on Kuratawhiti Street. It will start at 10.30am with the laying of wreaths. South Wairarapa Mayor Viv Napier will speak. All medals will be worn. Those persons wishing to lay personal wreaths are invited to contact the Parade Marshal, Commander Karen Ward, prior to the commencement of the ceremony. The Parade will proceed to the South Wairarapa Workingmen’s Club for a civic service, starting at 11am.


The parade will leave from the Carterton District Council offices at 11am and march to Memorial Square on High St for the memorial and wreath laying service. The laying of the wreaths will be announced by Carterton’s RSA president Rex Kenny. Carterton’s Rachel Whiteman will read a poem at the same service. Following this people can return to the Events Centre for a formal service.

Coming Up on the Calendar......

Term One Week 11

Monday 12 April - Whanau Time, Junior Choir, Year 11 Shakespeare, Viva Rehearsal

Tuesday 13 April - Senior Chapel, Student Coaching Day, Sheila Winn Festival

Wednesday 14 April - Assembly, Orchestra, Culture Group Rehearsals, Viva Rehearsal, Youth Group

Thursday 15 April - Junior Chapel, Thursday Activities, Jazz Band

Friday 16 April - Student Council Meeting, Final Assembly, Effort Grade Report Two Published to the portal

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