DUTCH’s Vegan cupcakes

We’re Opening our first store and need your help



Dutch’s vegan cupcakes will be available in the bakery case at Cafe Otis starting Monday July 8th!!

80 Broadway in Norwich

Open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

New menu Monday August 12,2019!

Lemon Elderflower
Pistachio Rose
Lavender Earl Grey
Wedding Cake


Dutch’s is a made to order vegan bakery based out of Groton, CT. We offer a variety of delicious specialty cupcakes. It’s a one women show, being run by me, Tiffany! I am the baker and the owner. We do our best to only use ingredients that are free of animal products like; eggs, dairy and honey. My goal is to bring the variety and convenience vegans often miss out on. Also, to introduce non-vegans to new and exciting food options. Confections are only the first stop on my mission to make compassionate food more mainstream. By making Dutch’s a part of the community, I hope to find new and fun ways we can grow and offer more items. I want to show people you don’t have to compromise fun or flavor for cruelty free sweets! Creating delicious food is my passion and I want you to feel good about what you eat!

Hi I’m Tiffany! Owner and Baker. Let’s chat and create some amazing cupcakes for your next get together!

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Menu & Pricing below



Banana Lotus Biscoff Cupcakes
Happy customer at the Field of Greens farmer’s market in Groton, CT
Malibu Pineapple, “Nutella” Almond Crunch, Root Beer Float
Bourbon Chocolate Cherry
Holiday Special Ginger Cocoa
The team at a Local Farmer’s Market
S’Mores Cupcakes
Happy cupcake customer
Nutty Muddy Buddies
Fruit Tart
Orange Dreamcicle Cupcake
Boozy Birthday Party Assortmemt
Local Farmer’s Market customer picking up some sweets!
Holiday Variety Pack
Coconut Mango Cupcake
Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter
Birthday Party Assortment
Hanukkah Cupcakes
Lavender London Fog
NO animals harmed in the making of our cupcakes


Basics $36/dozen $18/half dozen

Pick your cake and frosting combo.

Cake: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry

Frosting: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry Assorted sprinkles

Boozy Cupcakes $42/Dozen $22/half dozen

(A pipette of custom boozy cocktails can be added to any cupcake order starting at $1.50/half dozen $2/dozen )

Kahlua and Coffee- rich coffee cake with kahlua infused buttercream and a dark chocolate drizzle

Bourbon Cherry Bean- vanilla bean cake baked with bourbon soaked cherries topped with bourbon vanilla buttercream and bourbon caramel sauce

Strawberries and “Champagne”- fresh strawberry cake topped with prosecco swiss buttercream

Sangria- vanilla cake with speckles of real fruit and a red wine buttercream

Malibu Pineapple- vanilla cake filled with grilled rum soaked pineapple topped with pineapple rum buttercream

Bourbon Chocolate Cherry- chocolate cake, vegan “Nutella” and a bourbon soaked cherry center, bourbon vanilla buttercream

Specialty Flavors $38/dozen $20/half dozen

(A pipette of custom boozy cocktails can be added to any cupcake order starting at $1.50/half dozen $2/dozen )

Pistachio Rosewater- pistachio cake topped with rosewater buttercream

Mint Cookie Crunch- chocolate mint cookies baked into a chocolate cake topped with dark chocolate buttercream

Red Velvet- classic red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting

Wedding Cake- almond cake filled with homemade raspberry coulis topped with almond buttercream

Peanut Butter Cup- dark chocolate cake with a high hat of peanut butter frosting dipped in dark chocolate ganache

Chocolate Chip Cherry- chocolate, chocolate chip cake topped with cherry buttercream filled with cherry jam dipped in chocolate ganache

S’mores- fudgey chocolate cake with a graham crackercrust topped with chocolate frosting and roasted marshmallow

Raspberry Fudge- chocolate cake filled with fresh raspberries topped with real raspberry buttercream frosting

Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed- Lemon Poppyseed cake topped with blueberry buttercream and fresh lemon zest

Neapolitan- vanilla, chocolate swirl cake topped with strawberry frosting

Strawberry Crunch- vanilla cake filled with homemade strawberry sauce, topped with strawberry buttercream rolled in strawberry & vanilla cookie crunch topping

Cotton Candy Confetti- confetti cake and cotton candy frosting

Raspberry Lemonade- zesty lemon cake topped with raspberry buttercream

Root Beer Float- root beer cake with fluffy vanilla bean buttercream, chocolate chips, sprinkles and a cherry on top

Mint Chocolate Chip- double chocolate cake with chocolate chunks topped with a cool mint frosting

Cookie Dough- chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed inside a chocolate or vanilla cupcake topped with cookie dough buttercream and a chocolate chip cookie

Banana Lotus Biscoff- vanilla cake filled with Biscoff cookie butter topped with banana buttercream and a Biscoff biscuit

Strawberry Shortcake- vanilla bean cake filled with fresh strawberries and strawberry curd topped with vanilla bean buttercream

Mango Coconut- coconut cake filled with fresh mango curd topped with coconut buttercream and shredded coconut

Orange Dreamcicle- orange cream cake, filled with orange cream whip topped with vanilla swiss buttercream

Lemon Cookie- lemon cake filled with lemon curd, topped with almond buttercream and lemon shortbread cookie crumble

Dark Chocolate Lavender- dark chocolate cake topped with fresh lavender buttercream

BlackBerry Swirl- vanilla and blackberry swirl cake, topped with blackberry buttercream and fresh blackberries

Nutty Muddy Buddies- chocolate cake topped with peanut butter buttercream and homemade Chex Muddy buddies and a chocolate drizzle

Nutella Almond Crunch- chocolate or vanilla cake filled with vegan “Nutella” topped with almond buttercream and rolled in almond crunchies

Cookies n Cream- chocolate cake with an Oreo baked inside topped with cookies n cream frosting and another Oreo cookie

Caramel Apple Pie- vanilla cake with apple pie filling topped with a salted caramel buttercream filled in crushed peanuts

Lavender London Fog- zesty earl grey tea cake topped with a smooth lavender buttercream

Triple Chocolate Peanut Butter- dark chocolate cake filled with peanut butter fluff topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate crunchies and chocolate drizzle

We're tasting and trying new recipes all the time. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see all the newest flavor combinations and events near you. Have an idea for a cupcake flavor combo? Message me !

**all items are made to order with 72 hrs notice, cupcake minimum half dozen per flavor, variety packs are available at special request

Created By
Tiffany Shultz

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