Children's crusade

Article 2 - big event - The crusading movement was considered a big form of pilgrimage in which the professed goal was absolution and the children's crusade was a major part and example of this. the children's crusade was a big part of the 13th century with a lot of big things happening like the other crusades. But the children's crusade was a very unique one. The people and the pope did not call this a crusade and is still not a crusade . The children's crusade had some big events but this one was by far the biggest and started with the christians losing their holy place .

The crusade took place in a really hot summer . There a little boy named Stephen leading the crusade .stephen was a 12 year old boy who really believed in his religion and God.When he knew he the holy land was taken away he was very upset and wanted to make a difference .the Christians got there holy land taken away and Stephen and the children wanted to take it back. jerusalem was there pride and joy that's all they had and they lost what they loved so they were fierce and tried to take it back .

There were about 80,000 adults and children but not one child over 12 years old who followed Stephen in his crusade. Everyone who was in this movement believed in the 12 year old boy Stephen and shows it in they was they talked and acted to him and the movement. Stephen and the children marched and performed “miracles”.everyone was unarmed and was determined to take it back . They marched and if someone asked where they were going, they would reply “to God”.

This was the start of the big event . They went to the sea and Stephen thought it would move out of his way so they can make there way to Jerusalem , but that didn't happen so they lost hope in Stephen and cried and said that he betrayed him. A few days later two merchants offered to put ships and boats so they can try to sail to Jerusalem free of charge and from the glory of God. Stephen eagerly accepted the offer and tried to sail there lots of stuff went wrong. After all Stephens plan didn't work lots of people got killed or enslaved.

I'm here interviewing Stephens best friend who was on the crusade with him he was a loving friend to him.

His name is jeffy he was one of the only ones to believe and not doubt Stephen after the sea didn't move for him. “So jeffy what happened to the people that didn't survive. Told me “well that was a really hard time for me and I don't feel like talking about it

Stephen really loved his best friend he was with him to his last minutes of his life he loved him like a brother.

The children didn't suspect anything bad to happen through this movement but they were Surely off

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