Tommy Marhoffer came to Bridgton Academy this year on a mission. The Scituate, MA native graduated from Scituate High School in 2017, and Tommy and his parents readily admit that he was “average in high school – academically, athletically and socially.” They were determined to send him to North Bridgton, ME to be extraordinary. Determined to embrace the academic structure and focus to improve his GPA, test scores and college options, he made the decision to mature and assume a larger leadership role - both as a member of the Bridgton Academy student body and as a member of the hockey team. Tommy also made the conscious effort to be the hardest working member of the Bridgton Academy Hockey Team – day in and out of their grueling 6 month season.

Thomas Marhoffer, Scituate, MA

There's being a leader, and then there's finding a forum for that leadership. For Tommy, that meant creating an entirely new experience during Bridgton Academy's traditional Monday Chapel. Tommy and his friend and teammate, Brendan Cullura (New Hope, PA) created a weekly "Sports Report" - a pseudo-talk show where Brendan and Tommy would commandeer the stage and interview members of Bridgton's sports teams. This wildly successful format may even be carried onto next year with a new crop of hosts.

As Head Hockey Coach Mike Warde often says during the recruiting process, "If you take advantage of every resource at Bridgton Academy during your 9 month PG year, the sky is the limit." Tommy has done just that. He has sought out faculty members to enhance his academic strengths and improve areas of deficiencies, he consistently went out of his comfort zone to impact the Bridgton Academy community and has certainly taken full advantage of unlimited ice time at Chalmers Ice Arena to improve his hockey skills.

Tommy Marhoffer fires a slapshot against Hebron Academy

At press time, Tommy Marhoffer’s mission to be extraordinary is nearly complete; graduation is less than seven weeks away. His contributions to being an exemplary student athlete at Bridgton Academy are immeasurable. As we have stated to multiple college coaches: “He will positively impact your campus in the classroom, in the dorm and on the ice.” We are confident that Tommy will continue to take this approach for success with him on to college & beyond.


Photos - Nick LeBel

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