Emotional Eating By Katelyn Millham

When feeling stressed eating junk food may seem like the best solution and satisfy your cravings. Though often we crave more and are still totally stressed out. This doesn't resolve the stress in your life.

Spending time doing fitness helps eliminate stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Keeping other emotions in check as well.

Do not forget to eat food that are health and benefit your health. That can also taste good as well and still satisfy the physical hunger

Doing activities that help you feel relaxed. Whether that be to listen to music, go for a walk or write in a journal.

Taking a break and spending time with friends can be a huge help. Making time to laugh or talk to your friends about whats going on in your life is very important and healthy to do.

Finding ways to relieve stress is important part to not turning to food

Meeting with a therapist may be helpful if stress cannot be handled

The ultimate goal is for Freshman to take a class in order to be educated on how to deal with the issue they face related to their health


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