Career as a Police Officer An important, but dangerous job.

Police officers must know how to handle and be able to shoot firearms with high accuracy because they never know what type of dangerous situations they will be in.
With a criminal justice degree, you aren't limited to just being a police officer or something along the lines of that. There are many different career paths that one can take after acquiring a degree in criminal justice. The photo above highlights the many different career choices someone can choose with a criminal justice degree.
Becoming a police officer is not just a simple process. There are many requirements in order for someone to become a police officer. While many police departments do not require a college degree, some do, so it would be beneficial to have at least an associate's degree in criminal justice. There are also physical and mental requirements. After acquiring an associate's degree, you have to graduate from the police academy to ensure you meet the correct requirements to be a police officer.

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