Religious Freedom in China By Liam futterman

China has the Highest rate of Atheism in the world,the government is officially Atheist. China's government is totalitarian and uses any tool possible to control the people of China. The government of China is Atheist. Even though China claims to have religious freedom, the government and religious groups are constantly butting heads. Recently the Chinese government began to take it over the line. China felt threatened by the growing population of Christians and the angry Uighur people in Xinjiang. The government acted on their intimidation and have oppressed their people ever since. This has a shocking resemblance to Legalism.

Although China has a massive amount of Atheists, Christianity is growing rapidly. There are estimated to be 70 million christians in in china, and growing. China is projected by some, to have the largest population of christians in the world by 2030. This poses a threat to the government's power, in their eyes. Churches are beginning to pop up all over china. In an attempt of suppression the government has started to tear down crosses and even entire churches. A lawyer named Zhang Kai who was defending the churches in court was detained by the Chinese government. He did not commit a crime but he is still being kept in secretive prison with no access to help. This is like the strict punishment of small crime in Legalism.

China has recently changed laws to prevent the learning of religion as a minor. China claims to have religious freedom in their country, but the Uighur people disagree. Because of the threat of muslim extremism around the world the Chinese government is currently oppressing the Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang. Because of the rule against minors observing religion Uighur Muslims and other religious groups have established secret religious schools, but China is targeting the Uighur the most. China has made many of Islam's ceremonial activities illegal such as fasting during Ramadan. A professor and activist named Ilham Tohti was put in prison fro life for fighting for what he believed in. Muslim people are an oppressed group of people all over the globe but what they go through in China is much easier to see.

How does China's religious freedom, or lack there of, relate to Legalism?


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