Mind, Body and Soul worksheet Have a go at assessing your own self care habits

With the New Year here many people make resolutions, but find it hard to keep them. This worksheet looks at your MIND, BODY and SOUL. It can help you acknowledge the areas in which you already practice self care and help you improve in areas which may need more work.

Using this scaling system, mark down your score for each statement. Congratulate yourself on the ones where you score highly! Focus on improving the ones with low scores.

  • 5: A lot
  • 4: Sometimes
  • 3: Not very often
  • 2: Hardly ever
  • 1: I had never even thought of it!

Looking after your body...do you...

Eat at regular intervals? Three meals a day?
Go to the doctor when needed?
Take medication regularly when required?
Get enough sleep?
Eat healthily?

Looking after your mind...do you...

Read novels?
Write in a journal?
Spend time away from social media?
Set your own boundaries?
Learn something new?
Reward yourself?
Take holidays?

Looking after your soul...do you...

Spend time outdoors?
See friends?
Reflect upon experiences?
Allow yourself to cry?
Love yourself?


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