HeadTeacher's Update Week 1 - Friday 11th September 2020

Dear Parents,

Warm and friendly greetings from a very proud Headteacher after a fantastic first week back. It has been great to have the boys back in school and I must say that I have been very impressed with behaviour, courtesy and focus in lessons and also adapting to a 'new norm'.

I must also say thank you to our staff community who are really pulling together to make sure the boys are safe and that the safeguards in place are working well.

As we move into the second week of term, we will be working on developing the boys organisational and independent skills in Prep School. This will help them with their focus in lessons and re-establish some functional skills that were not needed in lock down.

Please find below a few updates for the next week:

Covid-19 Update

I wanted to clarify that if pupils have PE or Games, please can they come to school in the appropriate kit. We do not want pupils to have to change on site and risk mixing clothes or being in close contact areas such as the changing room. The link below shows you what items of kit your son will need for his PE and Games lessons;


I am sure you have seen in the news that cases of coronavirus are rising in many places in the UK. The best way for us to protect the school is to work together as a community. I ask that you get into good habits as a family and do a check each morning to ensure that your son is not feeling unwell, does not have a temperature, dry cough or loss of smell or taste. If your son has symptoms, please do not send them in - isolate and get your family tested. By working together, we can keep St Edward’s as safe as possible.


I am very happy to announce that Madame Susie Jenkins will be joining us next week to teach French to Year 4, 5 and 6 for this term. Madame Jenkins has worked at St Edward’s before and is an excellent language teacher. This will really help our drive to promote French across the school.

Walking with the Hawks

FREDs have been kind enough to arrange and fund a visit from Walking with Hawks on Monday 14th September as a welcome back treat. The boys will have the opportunity to see some real hawks up close. Social distancing and procedures will be followed to make sure that the session is conducted in a safe manner. Boys will also be in small groups that attend sessions throughout the day which will happen mostly outside. This will be a fantastic experience for the boys and I thank FREDs for this kind gift.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is running and is accessed by the Holiday Club Gate from 7:45am until the gates open at 8:15am. Please ring the bell and wait for a member of the Office Team to let you in and direct your son to the right classroom. Please do not knock on Mrs Daley-Franks window as she is setting up for the day and preparing her lessons. Your support is appreciated.

Little Griffins, Reception, Year 1 and 2 Parents

There is an online drop in session this week on Wednesday 16th September on Microsoft Teams for parents of these Year Groups. Teachers will be there to answer any questions you may have and explain a little about the curriculum. We will send you the full details on Monday on how to connect to this and be at the end of the phone if you have any queries.


We have now been able to finalise our teacher led After School Clubs and you will find the grid at the link below.


Curriculum Overviews

Each half term we will publish the half termly overview on the website. Please find a link below to the Curriculum Overviews for this half term.




A Pastoral Message From our Deputy Head about Tiktok

Please be aware there is an extremely upsetting and highly graphic video currently trending on TikTok of a man live-streaming his suicide. Whilst TikTok have stated that they are doing their best to remove the video, it has been shared across many social media platforms hundreds of thousands of times including under fake captions. Some captions on TikTok are as trivial as ‘look at the pasta I cooked tonight’ before the video then plays; therefore, children can come across the video without even searching for it.

This video is extremely distressing and we ask parents to be vigilant and avoid the app whilst this video is in such high circulation.

With many thanks

Chris Hoy (Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding lead at St Edward’s)

Senior School Talk for Year 4 and 5 Parents

On Thursday 17th at 5pm, I will be hosting a virtual Senior School Talk on Teams for all any parents in Year 4 or 5 who want to find out more about the journey to Senior School and the support we can offer as a school. Please let the School Office know if you want to attend so we can invite you to the meeting. Please email HMPA@stedwardsprep.com to do this.


Next week Years 1-6 will be starting our yearly round of standardised testing called InCas. This will be happening over the next few weeks and will inform us of our pupils' levels in Maths, English and what is called Developed Ability (A combination of Non-Verbal and Verbal). It will help pinpoint pupils' progress in English and Maths). These results will inform our planning and be discussed with you at Parents' Evenings which are shortly after half term.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and that we have not tired the boys out too much. Enjoy time with your family and keep safe and well.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Parsons