D. Farrar Art 1 Portfolio

Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Continued Principles of Design
My goals were to take time to be calm, have faith and stay healthy by taking time to drink water.
Value Scale shows the different values using pencils.
This is my gesture image someone stood in three different positions and we were to draw what we saw.
We were to draw a Self Portrait as a pretest.
Hallway Pretest Image we sat in different places in the hallway and were to draw what we saw from whatever perspective we were sitting.
Hand Drawing was also a pretest. It was fun to do without being able to pick up the pencil.
We did a shoe drawing and we were to draw the shoe that we were wearing without picking up the pencil.
Contour Hand we were told to not pick up the pencil
Contour Drawing this is a drawing where we did not pick up our markers.
Bone Image was when we were to draw the bone we saw from whatever perspective we were sitting at.
Chiaroscuro are the spheres drawn that shows highlight, mid tone, core shadow, and cast shadow.
Geometric Shapes also drawn to show where the light hits and color change in value.
1 point Perspective Cubes had a light coming from one place and when shading the cubes you were to draw the cube exactly how it would look if the light hit.
2 point Perspective Cubes were able to see different perspectives of the cube.
Eye Features this was my favorite out of all my eyes. It used darker values which I like because darker values are beautiful to me.
Eye Features this one had the biggest eyes out of the 3 I did. The middle of the high is the darkest which makes it noticeable to whoever looks at this image.
Eye Features this is my best. I was able to hit the values in the right spots. My eyebrows showed texture and the lashes of my eyes were beautiful and brought more attention to the eyes.
These are my 3 noses. The dark shaded one I am most proud of because though i love darker colors the way the inside of the nose looks really brings out the realistic of it all. The small one at the top was a very nicely shaded noes and the lightly valued nose is the first one I actually accomplished after trying many times.
My favorite part out of drawing facial features was the drawing the mouths because they showed shadows cast from the mouth.
Ears were the hardest. They looked 3D and actual features when I shaded and the lines were drawn correctly.
My class were assigned the penguins. We made them out of cardboard and used paper mache to cover up the holes ect.
Mr. Donovan is showing us how to paint the Eland. He showed us how to show the different values of the Eland.
We slammed down on bottle openers with hammers to make them flat enough to use to connect things to our penguins.
We took pictures with the puppets we made for the show.
Pop Art Portrait we created was my finest and best project in this class yet. I loved being able to draw and paint and show different values and colors of myself. I used analogous colors which are 3 colors that follow each other on the color wheel. My three colors were blue, turquoise and green with different values of each.
Surrealism Artwork and Artist Statement
Clay Mask its the finish project of the clay process. I used the images I chose for the Dream Image project.

Over the semester I have grown as an person and artist. In the beginning of the year I thought this class would be something I wouldn’t like participating in. At the end of the semester I am glad I picked this class as one of my courses. In the beginning of the year while doing pre test I will admit my artwork was not the best I could do. I slacked off and didn’t really pay close attention to the wonderful things I was being taught. When we started the elements and principles of design that is when I started taking things seriously as a high school student should. Being able to understand elements of drawing made drawing way more understandable. The principles made it easy to understand the how shapes and things on the paper can harmonize and balance with one another. The goal card we made was a great way to put our goals together. Over the semester I’ve learned how to work together in groups to succeed in the same goal. I have been able to use my hands to work clay and use slip. I painted myself using colors that normally wouldn’t see in a portrait and have worked hard to put this portfolio together. This class was an amazing adventure and I will continue to take these classes.

Pablo Picasso Girl before a Mirror Boisgeloup, March 1932. Other than this artwork being made by Pablo Picasso. This is one of my favorite artworks. It shows one of his mistresses in the mirror and its showing what she see and that is her and her different personalities and self.

A art quote that had touched me was "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls". This is a quote from Pablo Picasso.

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