Uganda Agricultural Inputs (Ag Inputs) Activity Close-Out Learning Event & Twitter Chat SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT | September 19, 2017


In November 2012, the USAID/Uganda Feed the Future Uganda Agricultural Inputs Activity (Ag Inputs) began which aimed to increase the use of high quality agricultural inputs and decrease the prevalence of counterfeit agricultural inputs in Uganda. On September 19th, 2017 the Ag Inputs Activity will have it's National Close-Out Event in Kampala, Uganda to celebrate the Activity's many achievements and lessons learned. This event will broadcast via Facebook Live.

Objective: The objective of this toolkit is to grow disseminate and share the Feed the Future Uganda Agricultural Inputs Activity's achievements and lessons learned. The toolkit's messaging focuses on the following:

1. Close-Out Event

  • Disseminating the project’s lessons learned;
  • Best practices;
  • Programmatic successes of the program; and
  • Highlight work that remains to be done to ensure these successful initiatives are sustained.

2. Twitter Chat

Join us on September 19th at 12:00 PM (EDT)/7:00 PM (EAT) for an #AskTt Twitter Chat on Advancing Economic Growth through the Agriculture Sector, hosted by Tetra Tech International Development Services, and co-hosted by USAID Feed the Future Uganda Agricultural (Ag) Inputs Activity. This month’s Twitter Chat will take place after the Activity’s Close-Out Event, to give users an opportunity to explore how to leverage the agricultural sector to stimulate economic growth, while addressing climate variability, women’s empowerment, and youth engagement. Join us for a live chat with AgInputs’ Chief of Party Rita Laker Ojok, who has over 30 years’ experience in Uganda, and will discuss lessons learned and recommendations for the future of Uganda’s agricultural inputs sector.

What you can do: Join the conversation by helping promote the event! Help spread the word by:

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General Promotions

Facebook Live Promotions

The Ag Inputs National Close-Out will broadcast live on Facebook at this URL: bit.ly/TtFBook

  • Live from Uganda; tune to @TetraTechIntDev's #FacebookLIVE honoring successes of the @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs 9/19 bit.ly/TtFBook
  • Tune into the #FacebookLIVE on @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs Achievements in Uganda http://bit.ly/TtFBook Tweet questions to @TetraTechIntDev!
  • Did you know that 70% of the world's poorest people depend on #agriculture? Learn more on 9/19 from @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs: bit.ly/TtFBook

Twitter Chat Promotions

Following the National Close-Out event, at 12:00 PM (EDT)/7:00 PM (EAT), we will host an hour long Twitter Chat from the @TetraTechIntDev handle. For more detailed information about the Twitter Chat, please click the button below.

  • I'm joining Sept 19 #AskTt chat Advancing #EconGrowth thru #Ag w/ @USAID @TetraTechIntDev @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs: https://ctt.ec/a78ap+
  • Why is it important to engage youth in economic growth activities? Join #AskTt chat on 9/19 w/ @tetratechintdev http://bit.ly/AskTt
  • How can farmers adapt to changing #climates & weather patterns? Discuss your thoughts w/ #Ag experts via #AskTt chat http://bit.ly/AskTt
  • How is #climate variability affecting #Uganda’s agricultural sector? Tweet your answers via #AskTt chat on 9/19 http://bit.ly/AskTt

Theme-specific Close-Out Event Promotions

Theme 1: Anti-Counterfeit


  • Catalyzing behavior change by building coalitions that educate farmers about counterfeit seeds & inputs: #AgInputs bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • #AgInputs is #leadingwithscience to educate #Ugandan farmers about counterfeits & demand quality inputs. #AgInputs bit.ly/TtLwS
  • Ways to #EndHunger. #AgInputs reached 5 million farmers w/ anti-counterfeit radio messages w/ 48% reaching Ugandan women #endhunger
  • #AgInputs designed #education campaigns to give Ugandan women a tool to leverage #health and #foodsecurity concerns about the counterfeits.


  • In #Uganda, we coordinated with local governments and other stakeholders to sensitize, mobilize, and educate farmers about counterfeits and demand quality inputs: #AgInputs bit.ly/TtUgAg

Theme 2: E-Verification


  • The #AgInputs team promoted a national e-verification program - #Kakasa to facilitate #farmer identification of genuine inputs #endhunger
  • #Ugandan farmers can buy #seeds that are Ag-Verified assuring that the seed has undergone proper inspection & quality testing. #AgInputs #EndHunger
  • .@FeedtheFuture #AgInputs program has strengthened the role of the #Ugandan private sector in #seed certification. bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • Over 50% of seed sold in Uganda is reportedly poor quality or is fake. @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs helps strengthen regulations thru #AgVerify & #PPPs

Theme 3: Seed Quality


  • Watch how @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs activity catalyzed growth of a high quality seed sector bit.ly/TtFeed
  • Thru AgVerify, #AgInputs have trained 55 inspectors from seed companies & govt to ensure a common understanding of certification standard.
  • .@USAID's @FeedtheFuture #AgInputs is #leadingwithscience to educate the public on quality seed: bit.ly/TtLwS
  • AgVerify has inspected about 7,000 tons of seed from #Ugandan outgrower seed farms in the last two seasons #AgInputs bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • The #AgInputs team is committed to tech-based solutions, developing an app for inspection & test data management to improve #Ugandan seed quality.


  • Through the Feed The Future #AgInputs Uganda Activity, individual seed companies are injecting their own resources to promote innovations such as the AgVerify scheme, fostering the spirit of ownership of seed quality activities. bit.ly/TtUgAg

Theme-specific Close-Out Event Promotions

Theme 4: Access to Finance


  • In #Uganda, @FeedtheFuture is creating linkages between financial institutions & #AgInput businesses to lower lending risks: bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • #AgInputs trained 666 #Ugandan agro dealers & 9 seed companies in best #business management practices. Watch how: bit.ly/TtFeed
  • Working closely with the #agro inputs businesses, #AgInputs has improved internal business management practices across #Uganda. #EndHunger
  • 54% of agro dealers supported by #AgInputs are now accessing supplier credit. How? bit.ly/TtUgAg

Theme 5: Distribution


  • #AgInputs supported 17 districts to organize fairs for 500 agro dealers helping establish relationships w/ leading seed & chemical companies bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • In #Uganda, #AgInputs worked with 1,291 agro dealers. 100% of those surveyed had adopted at least 1 new #business management practice.
  • #AgInputs coordinated a Ugandan task force of seed & agro-chemical companies to help gain #consumer confidence: bit.ly/TtUgAg

Theme 6: Professionalization of Spray Services


  • #AgInputs mobilized 376 agro dealers from 49 districts to pay for and attend safe use training. #agriculture bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • .@FeedtheFuture's work w/ spray services in #Uganda #AgInputs sector has enabled women farmers to produce quality products. How? bit.ly/TtFeed
  • .@TetraTechIntDev's #AgInputs work has enabled women entrepreneurs to harvest quality products in #Uganda. How? bit.ly/TtFeed
  • #AgInputs introduced #certified Spray Service Providers, and as a result #women & #children are safeguarded from pesticides & herbicides.


  • By professionalizing Spray Service Providers (SSPs) and Agro Dealers, the Feed the Future #AgInputs team supported district level coalitions who are working together to develop the market for professional spray services. SSPs provide employment opportunities for rural youth and fewer women & children are exposed to harmful chemicals. #AgInputs bit.ly/TtUgAg

Theme-specific Close-Out Event Promotions

Theme 7: Regulatory Compliance


  • #AgInputs organized business registration clinics in 24 #Ugandan districts w/ participation by 1400+ businesses: bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • #AgInputs successfully launched a Regulatory Compliance Handbook for #ag businesses distributed to 1000+ #Ugandan agro-dealers. #EndHunger
  • With support from @Feedthefuture & @USAID, 10 #Ugandan districts completed drafting anti-counterfeit #AgInputs ordinances: bit.ly/TtUgAg

Theme 8: Climate-Smart Farming


  • #AgInputs works to disseminate #climatechange info in #Uganda via #Climate Agent Networks created in 14 districts: bit.ly/TtUgAg
  • #AgInputs helped ensure #Ugandan stakeholders receive weather info & advisories to facilitate their better decision making. #climate
  • .@TetraTechIntDev is #leadingwithscience helping #Ugandan #AgInputs providers promote innovative #climatechange tech bit.ly/TtLwS


  • With the support from USAID's Feed the Future Program, @TetraTechintDev's Uganda #AgInputs team created Climate Agent Networks in 14 districts to help increase access to #climatechange adaption and smart #agricultural practices. Learn more: bit.ly/TtUgAg

Thank you for your participation!

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