Manifest Destiny Pages 345-367

Rivalry in the Northwest

  1. The Oregon Country was a huge area located north of California, between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains
  2. In the early 1800's four nations claimed the vast,rugged land known as the Oregon country

Mountain Men

men that spent most of their time in the rocky mountains were called mountain men.

many mountain men had native american wives.

What did America gain from the Adams-Onis Treaty

we gan

how did Florida become a state?

the congress would let Florida join the union.

Spain transferred Florida to the United States on July 17, 1821.

Tallahassee became the capital in 1824.

in 1837 48,000 people lived in Florida.

Florida was made a state in march 3, 184

Question- What caused the population of Florida to grow?

Answer- plantation owners wore out their soil so they went to Florida for the rich soil.

in 1812 Mexico won independence from Spain.

Mexico encouraged Americans to settle in Texas.

Many Texans waned to join the united states Southerners favored Texas annexation ,but northerners opposed admitting another slave state.

for 13 days defenders held off Santa Annas army

on march 2,1836 four day before the Alamo fell they declared independence from Mexico

on September 1836 Texans elected Sam Houston as their president.

Texas becomes a state

Many Texans waned to join the united states Southerners favored Texas annexation ,but northerners opposed admitting another slave state.

Why did take along time for the United State to annex Texas?

cause if it became a slave state it would have thrown off the slave state to non-slave states.

How did the Santa Fe trail benefit the New Mexico Territory?

The trail was flat so Mexican could ship their good's.

in the early 1800 the land called New Mexico was a vast region between the Texas and California territories.

Mexico including New Mexico won it independence from Spain in 1812.

Mexico hoped that welcoming traders would boost the economy.

question- How di William Becknell influence the american settlement of New Mexico

William went a flatter way with a water source so he could take wagons to transport his goods

Spanish explores and missionaries from mexico settled California in the 1700s.

The missions aimed to convert native Americans to Christianity.

James K. Polk was determined to get the California and New Mexico territories.

Polk offer 30 million for the land.

May 13 congress passed a declaration of war against Mexico

Polk planned to defeat Mexico by accomplishing three goals.

By 1846 Taylor accomplished the first goal.

June 14,1846 the Americans declared California independent.

defeated on February 2,1848, Mexico's leaders singed the treaty.

with oregin and the former Mexican territories.

Question- What did America gain from the Mexican War

Americans gained land from those serounding teritorus

How did the discovery of gold help California?

it started cities people came and the economy boosted

people traveled to California for all over the world.

Asian immigrants settled in americas

the treaty of Guadalupe hidalgo ended the war with mexico.

as people rushed to a new area to look for gold they built new communities.

Cities also flourished during the gold Rush .

Mining camps contained men of all backgrounds but few woman.

How did the California Gold Rush lead to the expansive of cities?

after people came to look for gold they stayed and ran farms or bushiness.

while gold rush was going on in California changes was going on in Utah.

the church was one of latter day saints

smith published the book of the Mormon in 1830.

smith formed a community in New York

the Mormon migration begain in 1846.

at first life was diffrent for the settlers

by 1896 there were many Mormon communities.

why did the Mormons have to keep moveing form one place to another.

problems with the Mormon community and we pushed them as far away as we could.

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