The Diviner KAI

"Would you risk everything for someone you just met?"


I really want to tell Vera and her family about the river, but I know I shouldn't. But now I have no choice, I need to. I wi-texted Vera and asked her if she wanted to go scavenging . We started our journey in the short hills behind my apartment where there is remains of an old mill.

The whole time Vera was wondering where we were going, but I just told her we were just going on a walk. I held Vera's hand, almost the whole time. Helping her up to see the entrance of the old mill and I cautioned her to avoid every hole and nail along the way. I held her hand even when we were just walking and talking. I could tell we were both thinking the same thing about this, does this make her my girlfriend?

I called Vera over, as I stepped into the ditch. She was starting to realize that this was a planned tour. As I arrived at the special spot where I had been before, I told Vera to dig. She bent down and started scratching at the dirt, I could tell she was confused. She was very confused but happy at the same time. I explained that the water she just dug up has from a spring underground that runs under the mill.

She had lots of questions about it that I answered, along the way. I told her to try some of the water. As she was doing so, I kissed her. I could not help myself so I apologized. We continued our tour like nothing had happen and we will see what tomorrow brings.


This is one of the biggest memories that Kai would have. This is a picture of the setting/town where Kai lives. This would be pretty hard to forget living in such poor conditions.
This is also a big memory for Kai. This is a picture of Kai meeting Vera for the first time. After they met for the first time they both had no clue that they would have this strong of a friend ship, as they do now. This is definitely something Kai will remember over his lifetime.
This is also a big memory for Kai. Kai's mother died when he was a baby so this would be a big part of his life because growing up with out a mother would be very difficult.
These bodyguards are also a big part of Kai's life. The bodyguards made Kai feel safe where ever he goes, where lots of people are scared and have no one protecting them in their town.
This limo is also a memory because it represents the lifestyle Kai was use to living and it shows how he was treated with such royalty in their town.


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