3D Holograms

Why I chose this topic.

I chose this because I've been interested with them for a couple of years and I just really wanted to know more about them.


For starters the inventor is Dennis Gabor. He's the inventor of holograms. He accidentally created holograms when he tried to improve the resolution of the electron microscope. Although he created holograms in the 1940s they would become commercially available later in the 60s thanks to the invention of the laser.

Ways holograms can help make life better

One way they can help is by turning ultrasounds into holograms. Another way they can help is by letting us appear in multiple places at the same time. This was actually used recently by Jean-Luc Melenchon which is one of the candidates for the France election. He appeared live at one rally in Lyon while using a hologram to appear at another rally in Paris. Finally the last way holograms can help is by monitoring brain neurons. This can help when testing drugs on people with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. These are just a few ways to help make life better and there are way more things holograms can help with.


Here are some prototypes that I found. A team at the university of Arizona came up with a way of sending holograms to each other that update every 2 seconds making it closer to real time. This is so much better than the old version that took minutes to update. The other prototype uses cameras to view an object then fast pulsed lasers create what the group calls 3D pixels. These are the only prototypes I found but there are probably many more that I didn't see.

Now let's move on to the kahoot!


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