Dead Man's Island John Escotut

Basic information

Title: Dead Man's Island

Author: John Escott

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0-19-422968-8

Main characters

Carol Sander : She was a girl who took drugs before. She was curious and clever.

James Ross/Jake Rosso : Mr Ross was called Jake Rosso, a superstar who was Carol's favourite singer.

Mrs Sander : She was Carol's mother. She worked on Mr Ross's Island.


This is a story about Carol Sander and her favourite singer, Jake Rosso. When Carol was young, she lived in Hong Kong. She liked pop music. Jake Rosso was her favourite singer but he died in a car accident.

When she was seventeen, her father died in a plane accident and she started to take drugs. Later on, she began a new life with her mother in England. Her mother worked as a secretary on an island in Scotland. She followed her mother and helped in the farm.

There were only few people on the island. Mr Ross was the owner of the island and he was a businessman. He always looked sad and he didn't like visitors to the island. His face looked familiar to Carol.

There was a locked room in the house which hid all the secret of Mr Ross. Carol discovered the room and found out the truth. Mr Ross was actually the superstar Jake Rosso. He took drugs and alcohol. One day he was drunk and killed a girl in a car accident, but he drove further. Later he realized that he had made a big mistake and pretended that he was killed in a car accident. He started a new life on the island with his family. Carol promised to keep the secrets.


People must forget their bad experience in the past. Sometimes we will go on a wrong way, but we must find ways to make our lives better. We should not take drugs because it not only affects our health, but also affects our emotions.

My Favourite Quote

"I need to remember my old life, and what Jake Rosso was like. I'm never going to sing again and I'm never going to take drugs. But I need this room, to remember." said by James Ross.

I think Mr Ross wanted to make atonement for the things that he did and punished himself. It was because he felt guilty so he always looked sad.

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Joey Lo

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