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Convergent Boundaries

This is a Convergent boundary. A Convergent boundary is when two tectonic plates collide. In oceanic to continent the denser plate sinks under the more buoyant plate in a process called subduction, this causes a deep ocean trench. Volcanoes form above the subducting plate. The area where a denser plate descends into earth along a convergent plate boundary is called the subduction zone. A convergent boundary can also occur when two continental plates collide, both plates are equally dense neither plates will subduct. this causes it to deform and uplift making huge mountains. Like the Himalayas. its stress is compression.

the Himalayas
Arc Islands Japan-Taiwan
Andes Mountains

convergent boundaries form strong earthquakes, volcanic mountains

divergent boundaries

A divergent boundary forms where two plates separate. Divergent boundaries in the middle of the ocean cause seafloor spreading. As the plates pull apart a crack starts to form causing magma to ooze up from the mantle to fill in the space between the plates forming a raised ridge called the Mid-ocean Ridge. Divergent boundaries can also exist in the middle of a continent, they pull continents apart and form rift valleys. The East African Rift is one example of a continental rift . The mid atlantic ridge in Iceland in another example. Rocks under tension break apart. Tension is the major type of stress at divergent plate boundaries. Small volcanoes or shield volcanos can form at divergent boundaries.

The East African Rift
Mid atlantic ridge in iceland

Transform Boundaries

A transform boundary forms where two plate slide past each other, when this happens the scraping of the plates causes earthquakes, it also causes linear valleys where rock has been grained down to leave gaps. Also river beds that have been broken in to two because the two half's have shifted in opposite directions. Transform boundaries are characterized by some of the most intense earthquakes in the world. transform faults can also occur where pieces of seafloor spread apart. The stress in this boundary is shear . One real life example is the San Andreas Fault in California. Another example is Aspy Fault in C. B. Highlands.

The San Andreas Fault in California
Aspy Fault in C. B. Highlands


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