Vocabulary #2 Jailah Edwards and R'Niyah King

Compensate- Give something due to loss or suffering.

Sentence : He had to Compensate for the crime he committed.

Conceive- Became pregnant with a child.

Sentence- R'Nyah was about to Conceive a child.

Derive- Obtain from a specific source.

Sentence- The teacher told her students to derive from using wikipedia.

Diversity- the state of being diverse.

Sentence: She was very Diverse from her friends.

Inhibit- Prevent

Sentence- She had to Inhibit the fire before it became bigger.

Moderate- Average in amount.

Sentence- She had to make the skittles moderate for everyone

Supplement- something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

Sentence- Jessica had to Supplement her groceries list.

Surpass- Be greater than.

Sentence- Jhonny wants to Surpass his father.

Tentative- Not certain or fixed.

Sentence- Jimmy was a Robot that was not Tentative at times.

Verity- Truth

Sentence- Jailah had to tell a Verity.


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