Renaissance Portrait BY: VICTOR LU -TGG3M1-01-



While I was trying to find a renaissance photo on the internet, none of the paintings really seemed original to me. Most of the paintings were of a person posing and it seemed really bland. I eventually thought of Leonardo Da Vinci's famed Last Supper. It is not boring and bland it is seemed like a really original idea. In my recreated piece, I put my face on Jesus' face, included the CN Tower in the background, put a Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Blackstar album in Jesus' hand, and put Dave Chappelle's face on the disciple on the far right of the table. I included the album in Jesus' album because it has been my favourite album ever since I first listened to it in 5th grade. I put Toronto's CN Tower in the background of the photo because I was born in Toronto and I was raised in the same city, so it is a very important part of me. I included Dave Chappelle in the piece because I personally find his insights on society inspiring and I look up to him because he is able to find humour in the small things in life, reminding me to always have fun no matter how serious life is.

At first, I did not know how to blend my face into the texture of the painting, but Ms. Yamashita taught me to decrease the opacity of the photo to blend it into the painting. With this newfound skill, it was easy to integrate my personal inspirations into the piece. I personally find that this project is the best project of the year so far, since you are adapting to an already existing piece. All the projects before required me to actually create a new idea, while this project required me to think about the process of actually creating a new idea from someone else's existing idea.

I think the best part of the project was actually seeing my face being blended into a renaissance painting, texture and all. With this new skill, I would like to next try to put my face onto an animal and try to adapt to this idea of putting humans' faces onto animals instead of humans, since humans naturally look like humans, while animals look nothing like humans. I think it would be cool to see how different people came up with ways to blend their faces onto animals. I personally find that projects that require people to think outside of the box seem more fun than a project that just requires you to do something normal.

Original photo

The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci (1495-1498)

Final product

Album in Jesus' right hand, Dave Chappelle on the right, and the CN Tower in the background


Created with images by Lorax - "siena tuscany italy"

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