Methods and Evidences Huy Tran

Badge Title: Human science

Date: April 05- April 13

Progress Journal:


I watched a video today in class about science and facts of it. The video made a lot of good points about science. How a lot of people believe it as cold hard facts, but instead, they are theories that could be change if presented with enough mresult about it. Some of the facts, are not proven, but yet it is still presented as "facts" and this is a wrong thing to do, for example the big bang, dark matter, and these


I read the Taco trucks of America today, and I found it fascinating of how the methods used to collect data in the human science is different from the natural science and that the human science is unpredictable, the evidences that you collected that provide you with new knowledge might be very surprising and could be very different from how you think the evidence could be like at first


Some of the passage I read, like the Ignorance drives science or Soft science is often harder than hard science seem to fall more into the category of natural science. As compared to the passage of Taco trucks, I think that it show me how scientists test out a hypothesis of human behaviour. In the passgae, they collected opinions of people in the U.S and then compared to other countries that they have also collected. We discussed some of the passage that the other read, like the we wanted

Relfection Journal:

Through writing a paragraph for this after having a few discussion with my friends, I found that the human science is not so much different from the natural science, as it is aslo drives by the wants of people to acheive new knowledge. However, in human science, there are no exact rules for it, and that during the research, study, the methods is also very important so that you could acheive true evidence that is accurate and could provide you new knowledge. If the wrong methods are used, you would not acheive any new knowledge

Extension proposal:

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