Speaking With David Cortese to be interviewed on "Bob Massi The Property Man"

David Cortese, Magical realty LLC

Last week our commander and chief, David Cortese, was selected to be interviewed for the next season of Bob Massi the Property Man. Last season the show had an influx of questions asking how people could get out of their timeshares. David, being one of the leading experts in the timeshare resale industry, was contacted by the producers of Bob Massi the Property Man show to seek out David’s advice on the subject. Bob Massi is well known for genuinely helping people who were affected by the real estate bubble deflation, so it only made sense that he reached out to David who follows a similar ideology.

Over the last eight years David has built a name for himself as well as building a successful business from the ground up. David’s business model is built on trust and a genuine willingness to help people find exactly what they need without shady business practices, or offering gimmicks to drum up business. Magical Realty offers services for buying, selling, and renting timeshares, but what he really excels in his understanding of the new Marriott Destination Points system. There is a lot of confusion on this subject and David is one of the few people who really knows this system inside and out. This understanding stems from his cultivation in the industry.

David began in retail timeshare working for Marriott. After working at Marriott for a couple of years he found his passion in timeshare resales. Knowing that he could better fit people into their vacation needs but also assist those seeking to sell, he’s been able to guide thousands of clients helping them find their ideal vacation ownership and sell when no longer needed. This attitude trickles down to his team.

So stay tuned for the next season for Bob Massi the Property Man. This show is loaded with heartwarming stories and helpful information in the real estate market. We at Magical Realty are proud that a show with great integrity selected David to lend his advice.

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