CAMPUS MINISTRY UPDATE. February - April 2017

Good day Ministry Partner!

Can you feel it? Its Summer time na!

Declaring a wonderful fun filled summer a head for you and your family.

We cant really deny that summer is in the air ! We can feel the heat waves and sunny rays of the sun. We can see the children smiles resting for school, we're already thinking on places that we want to go and enjoy with our family, we can even hear the sea waiting for us to enjoy and experience its beauty and wonders.

As we continue to enjoy summer together with our friends and family, God's mighty work never stop to bring radical change to the life of His beloved people.

Last January 2017, thirty six people from different background, upbringing, places and nationalities received an email with their names on it that forever change their lives

People that are so ordinary like you and me, but having an amazing stories, powerful testimonies, and a life changing encounter with our Lord Jesus. These ordinary people full of faith humbly and fully trust God , response to the calling of God in their life.

Leaving their comfort zone. leaving their family. leaving their friends. leaving their Job, travelling through miles and miles of distance whether by land or air, going to an unfamiliar place, experience persecution and hardship, prepared and save a lot to survived that three months of training in the School of Campus Ministry.

We all know that those three months of training will not be easy definitely it is hard, challenging and faith stretching for us.

But one thing we all hold on, we hold on the finished work of JESUS CHRIST.

From day one till the end.

We hold on and put our faith in JESUS CHRIST alone.

From our classes.

To all our book reports.

From our Class room.

To every moment of learning and mentoring together.

From all our bonding time.

To a lasting relationship together in changing the campus together.

Indeed God is so faithful, He is so amazing, wonderful and glorious. We have seen how God's mighty power move and change us from the inside out during those three months of training. We are being equipped and empower to forcefully advance God's kingdom in EVERY NATION and EVERY CAMPUS.



Because of your generosity, faithfulness and your unfailing love and passion for the next generation, we can make things possible. We can forcefully advance God's kingdom because of your unfailing love for our Lord Jesus Christ.


Created By
Ian Asotillo

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