Toucan By Annamae

Want They Look Like

They have a beak that is 19(cm)8(in) and they have a lot of colors like Blue,Green,Yellow,and a lot of the colors.

There Parting of the toucan

There parting is a good thing because they both watch there baby and they do things like going back and forth with food.

There scientific name

Did you know that the Toucan has a nick name? Well you know now that the toucan has a name called Ramphastidae it means the members in the family they pas serine birds from the Neurotics.

Toucans Fun Fats

There one fun fact is a toucan has a short body is mostly covered in Black and with a few colored strips and one other one is that the toucan lives in South America Mexico there are over 40 species in the toucan family.


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