Television Unit By Benjamin sieur


Although the television unit was not the most interesting to me, it still came as a challenge to grasp the meaning of all the theories and ideas behind it. When we final came to the make it came as a difficulty to understand all our roles and duties in the space of two hours but my group still managed to produce an adequate make to say the least and we are quite proud with the finished product. During this production I acted as the director, this means I was in charge of mostly the camera angles and shots, and I was the one guiding the cameras on set so they know what shot to shoot at what angle etcetera. Unfortunately I could not communicate directly with our groups presenter (Sal) because there was some interference with the walkie-talkie set-up we had installed. The day of the make was quite stressful since we were the first group and we had no clue what it would be like, it turned out fine and I think I did my job very well.

This is my Job Application on which I showed my competence for this role. I have also put a link below if you wish to view the document itself.

I did not add a studio plan, set design plan, or rehearsal schedule because all of those factors of the make were beyond my groups choice and those things were already planned and set up for us when we got there.

Our T.V make is directed at young kids looking to make a simple and also nice gift for someone, it is aimed at an audience of 8-12 and they will nee the guidance of an adult. We plan on distributing this on viewing platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo, until a bigger channel offers us to use it, such as the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network etcetera which all publish content targeted at children. We could also potentially offer it to our schools personal channel.

Sorry I am aware that my portfolio looks a bit bare, it is because I have attached several links instead of inserting screenshots of the documents please consider that when marking my journal, if it is a relevant factor.


In conclusion, as I said before the television unit was a bit of a hard unit and the hardest unit I have experienced since I've started media in Year 9. It was often complicated to remember all the theory and remember which one was which. One part of the unit I did not quite understand was when we studied the qualitative and quantitative data questions because I did not understand how it linked into the final make. I am looking forward to the Agence France Presse News Unit because I am an aspiring photographer and my father has worked in news for the past 29 years including 21 years at the Agence France Presse in 3 different countries. So it has been a big part of my life.

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