Ice Skating

Ice skates have thin silver blades

People preform shows on ice like Beauty and the Beast and other Disney productions

Ice skaters do shows and competitions

Ice skaters have to learn and preform many tricks

For performances, ice skaters have many outfits

These are usually sleeveless dresses Burrrrr!

Ice skating is an amazing sport that will keep you happy and healthy

Give ice skating a try!


Created with images by annca - "skates figure skating drive" • allyaubry - "10 hour ice skate sketch observational life drawing" • Theme Park Mom - "Disney on Ice Let's Celebrate" • markoknuutila - "Vesi 2" • writerjax - "Annie" • Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view - "Encore ! An Ice Spectacular Show" • torbakhopper - "wings of a dove : ice skater, union square, san francisco (2013)" • QuotesEverlasting - "“Don’t think, just do.'' – Horace"

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