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The jungle cat isn't really found in any jungles but is found in either woodland or open country, from sea level to elevations of 2,400 meters. It commonly inhabits grassy lowlands near rivers and lakes. It is a capable tree climber and will swim if it must. It makes a den in thick vegetation or in the abandoned burrow of a badger, fox, or porcupine. It can be active either by day or by night. The diet consists mainly of hares and other small mammals, and also includes birds, frogs, and snakes. It also comes across quite a few predators in its range such as other larger cat species, wolves, bears, and crocodiles. Mating usually occurs in Central Asia in February and March, but young kittens have been found in Assam in January and February. The gestation period is 66 days and the usual litter size is three to five young. Sexual maturity comes at the age of 11-17 months.

The medium-sized jungle cat lives in Asia from China and Vietnam in the east, all over India, west to the Nile river and north into Kazakhstan and Russia. A few have been found buried with ancient Egyptian mummies although they are not known to have been domesticated. There are a number of subspecies (9) divided across the broad habitat range. The general coloration varies from sandy or yellowish gray to grayish brown and tawny red, usually with some white underneath and/or on the muzzle and no distinct markings on the body. The tail has several dark rings and a black tip. The head and body length is around 20-30 inches (50 to 75 cm) and the tail length is about 10-11 inches (25 to 29 cm). It weighs 8.8-35 lbs (4 to 16 kg). It has been noted that the legs are proportionally the longest of any cat species in Southeast Asia, and are thus helpful in running down prey. It has longish ears with a tuft making them a bit longer.

The dog first became something of a celebrity in Sweden after it emerged that he became close to the four-person extreme sports team which found him during a race in the Amazon.

Now Arthur has developed an international fan club. News outlets including the BBC, USA Today, The Daily Mail and the Washington Post have reported that the dog is set to move in with the team's captain Mikael Lindnord, 38, at his home in Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden.

Mexican monkey

Rainforest monkey species include Howler Monkeys, Spider Monkeys, Tamarins, Marmosets, Capuchin Monkeys, and Squirrel Monkeys. The most common of which is the Tamarin.

A new species of monkey was discovered in the Amazon Rainforest in 2007 and named Mura's Tamarin after the Mura Indian tribe.

Most species of monkeys living in the rainforests are omnivores that feed mainly on vegetation, insects, nuts, fruits and flowers and small animals.

The Thoroughbred evolved in Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries, due to an interest in racing. The Thoroughbred pedigree can be traced back to the bloodlines of the three key Arabian stallions, none of which ever raced. Most Thoroughbred genes are derived from only 31 original ancestors, and all descend from these three stallions.

Thoroughbreds are extremely athletic and energetic. They are the most popular breed for sport horse competition and they dominate the horse racing industry. They are also top competitors in show jumping, dressage, and eventing. They tend to be "hot" horses, meaning they are energetic. They can be a lot to handle, so they are generally not good horses for beginners.

The Thoroughbreds are long and sleek, with long legs. They have a fine chiseled head and a straight profile, lacking the Arabian dish of their ancestors. Their bloodlines have been crossed with many other warmbloods to create new breeds as well as improve existing ones. Some of the breeds they have influenced include the Quarter Horse, Standardbred, and the Anglo-Arabian horse.


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