Celebrating Canada bY:parneet sandhu

About Canada

Canada is a free and peaceful country. It provides things some countries are unable to provide. such as free heathcare, cultural diversity and a great fishing industry.

-the Common Loon is the provincial bird of Ontario-

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity in Canada has grown tremendously over the past few years, Canada welcomes any culture and race. Canada allows you to practice/do any religion you please. You have the freedom to speak any language you chose to speak without any restrictions. This leads to Canada having the highest percentage of foreign-born citizens than any other country.

Fishing Industries in Canada

Fishing is one of the greatest parts of Canada. Canada exported $6 billion and seafood in 2015. 76,000 Canadians make their living from just fishing. This is because 14,000 job opportunities are in the fishing industry. About Most of Canada lives off seafood, the main sea animals are shrimp, salmon, lobster and snow crab. Fishing is a huge part of Canada


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